[This must be Thursday] Fond memory

I first discovered their music via radio. I thought it’s different, fast and really cool. It was 1992, and I was an elementary school kid.

I thought everyone should listen to this amazing stuff as well. So I brought that taped music to school and played in the lunch time program. (Conveniently I was in broadcasting club.)

After 30 seconds or so, a teacher broke into our studio, stop the tape and got really mad at me saying “why did you play such an evil music?!” I quickly played Peer Gynt’s or something instead but I took this incident as a confirmation that their music was very new and cool.

Rest in Peace, Keith Flint.


EKN #23: Winter delights

Cherry Blossom - Matthew Halsall

Full bloom on full moon night.



haunt me: "Musique"

Dior Homme - Winter 2019-2020

Obviously I am not one to talk about fashion.
What I want to say is:

Yet another cool music video for Daft Punk..!


EKN #22: A glass of ginger ale

A Happy New Year to all the world from GMT+9!

ばらの花 - くるり  Bara no hana - Quruli)


[nokonoko journal] Peaceful December night

I'm having a slice of stollen and a cup of coffee with lots of milk, and listening to my friend's beautiful voice..

Have a merry Monday evening.

Envahis Ce Lieu (Live) - Guerdie Charles Dory

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