Whisper #436-445




An airport. Early morning. The smell of coffee. The sound of brewing.



1.5 hour before the departure.



Most stores are still closed. Dimmed window displays. Quiet boxes of perfume and cigarettes. Lingering smell of duty free shops.



Coffee. Extremely hot airport coffee. Can't taste anything other than hot. Perfect.



Staffs slowly coming in. Fresh makeups. Sleepyheads. They're still dragging their faces outside of work. I like it.



The fact that they are here for work, soothes me.



The fact that they will keep serving extremely hot coffee after I leave, gives me stability.



Excitement. Nervous faces. Relief. A big bottle of water. Light sound of tapping laptop keybord.



Gate check. Phone.



[nokonoko journal] The progress 2

With this 100 movie challenge, I'm trying to watch ones that are "I'm sure I watched it before but I really can't recall the story".

Star Wars is one of those movies for me. I mean, I know whose father is who, but my memory is kind of mixed up with other movies.

Following the advice from my friend, I'm going to start from here (...and there's a chance I'll stop at here...).


[nokonoko journal] The progress

The progress of my 100 movie challenge: 58.5/100. (0.5 is because I couldn't finish it last night.) I think it's not so bad considering my pace... though it seems unlikely to accomplish.

With this challenge, I allow myself to watch the movie I've already watched before (but just count as one movie, the list should contain 100 different movies), and also allow myself to quit in the middle if I can't put up with for some reason (but this doesn't count as one).

So far I dropped 2 movies. I tried to watch them for 15 to 20 minutes, but one was unbearable in every aspect and the other was too hyped-up and couldn't keep up. 

And I've marked 22 movies with a heart (I think it's pretty high hit rate), and one with WTF.

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