EKN #9: Alleviation

Welcome Rain - U-zhaan x Ametsub

Friday evening. Rain. Chilly.
My birds are ever so warm and fluffy. 
Foggy head and windows.
Bitch Mode: OFF


EKN #7: Night Shift

Replica - Oneohtrix Point Never

I really enjoyed listening to this song and the album while working. I’m now listening to his new album “Age Of” and it sounds very promising to be my another favorite…!

Though it was a bit too metallic for me, you might enjoy his “Garden of Delete” if you prefer phase-shifting aggressive type of techno. (Personally I call these transformer music... because it transforms...)


EKN #6: Excellence

Spanish Joint - D'Angelo

Spanish superstar is joining a Japanese football team and now his topic is popping up everywhere. One says it’s like having Usain Bolt for school sports day… I don't know. But he seems like a very nice person!

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