[Good evening Thursday] Benedict doesn't help

Thought this immense topic narrated by pleasant voice would be perfect bedtime listening. But no. This audiobook is certainly not suitable before sleeping at all!  (wide awake)


Mind the gap: Your "Green" is my "Blue"

The other day I got a message with a question from Japanese learner asking about Japanese understanding of the color “midori (green)” and “ao (blue)”. I wasn’t so sure what exactly she wanted to know (I’m still not sure), but I tried to explain it assuming that she saw “blue” as an adjective for green things and wanted to know when to use it.

Unfortunately my explanation didn’t help her at all :D (and sob) but I thought someone out there might find it useful… so I share my reply here…


Hello. I’m not so sure about the context here, but basically “ao” means blue. But we sometimes use “ao” to emphasize green color or its freshness etc. For example, when we say “ao ao to shi ta Mori (青々とした森)” (literal translation would be “bluey forest”) then it means “lush green forest”.

When we use the expression "ao ao to shi ta /青々とした" (bluey), generally the next word would be: forest, mountains, leaves, trees, grass, field... something related to green plants. We don't use this expression for green tea for example. (At least I’ve never heard.) In literal sense, it’s interpreted as verdant, verdurous, lush or fresh according to the following word or context.

(We also use this expression for actual blue thing too, but it's usually limited for sea, ocean, sky. And it simply means "blue".)

Then when is lush enough, fresh enough, verdant enough to use this bluey-green expression? I don't think there's any strict rule for this (except it's used for green plant or nature related stuff) but it's more subjective thing or just a set expression we use in front of green mountain etc. But when I heard or read "ao ao to shi ta ha (leaf)" for example, I instantly imagine tender green or bright green colored strong leaves are almost shining in the sunshine. You can google-image with the word "青々とした" and see what comes up... I guess you can get the sense of it.

There are few cases we use “blue” for green things: One of them is for traffic light. I don’t know why but no matter how green it is, green traffic light is called “ao (blue)” in Japan. And for English expression like “You look green” and “You’re so green”, we use blue instead.

If your question was about the dividing point between green and blue in Japan, then I guess you have to ask the perception experts! :D Unless it's related to culture thing (like traffic light) I don't know if our general color perception is different from other countries’. But a while ago there was an argument in Japan about the color of Hatsune Miku’s hair. Opinion was divided between Green and Blue, and the maker answered that it's "blue green"... so I guess it’s more up to individual..

Good luck with your Nihongo :)


I try not to confuse you but we somehow use the expression “green black hair” for shiny jet black hair… I just read the overview of this report, and it seems like we are kinda messed up with the color name as she mentioned…


EKN #11: Very unlikely, but not 0%

Last night I dreamed of seeing double moonbow (full spectrum) from the window.

Shanghai Babe - Yen Town Band


EKN #10: god kveld

Song for Annie - Erot

1.    I found my old magazine clipping from late 90s.
2.    It was about a record label called Paper Recordings, and they were about to release their first compilation album for Japan.
3.    I looked up to see what kind of music they did (and if they still exist) and one of their artists’ song clicked me.
4.    “I don’t know the name of its song or artist, but I think I certainly heard this before… Who is this?”
5.    “Song For Annie” by Erot
6.    I discovered this song was re-issued in digital format lately for the documentary film about Norwegian disco scene.
8.    Norwegian disco scene…?
9.    And I watched this documentary called “Northern Disco Lights” and learnt what happened to this boy... I just really hope that he had a great time in Japan...  

Northern Disco Lights - The Rise and Rise of Norwegian Dance Music

Stunning scenery!


EKN #9: Alleviation

Welcome Rain - U-zhaan x Ametsub

Friday evening. Rain. Chilly.
My birds are ever so warm and fluffy. 
Foggy head and windows.
Bitch Mode: OFF


EKN #7: Night Shift

Replica - Oneohtrix Point Never

I really enjoyed listening to this song and the album while working. I’m now listening to his new album “Age Of” and it sounds very promising to be my another favorite…!

Though it was a bit too metallic for me, you might enjoy his “Garden of Delete” if you prefer phase-shifting aggressive type of techno. (Personally I call these transformer music... because it transforms...)


EKN #6: Excellence

Spanish Joint - D'Angelo

Spanish superstar is joining a Japanese football team and now his topic is popping up everywhere. One says it’s like having Usain Bolt for school sports day… I don't know. But he seems like a very nice person!


EKN #4: Saudade

Sou Você – Toni Garrido
(From the movie soundtrack “Orfeu” by Caetano Veloso)

I completely forgot the story of this movie, but I remember going to the store and get the soundtrack after watching it, because of this song.

By the way lately I found that Ronaldinho (football player) released his music track. It was much better than I imagined (pardon, but honest opinion).


EKN #3: Deep(ly rooted inside the) House

We’re in Golden Week. Or whatever. It doesn’t mean to me much.

"The Last Beat" - Herbert   (Audio Sample)

Couldn't find the video of this sound, so instead I place a super cute song from his (as Herbert) newer EP.

"One Two Three" - Herbert



EKN #2: Merry-go-round at night

Thème générique fin "Golden the Pony Boy" - Jean-Michel Bernard (ft. Kimiko Ono)

Michel Gondry, the eternal boy.


EKN #1: Off-balance, well-controlled

"Clair de lune" - Debussy
Piano: Alexandre Tharaud, Choreography/dance: Yoann Bourgeois

Bill Gates has a trampoline room in his house. And seems like he confirmed it in the media lately.

I've read about this room many years ago and, if I remember correctly, this room is not just a room with a big trampoline - but the floor itself is trampoline. 
Oh Bill.


Book or Kindle?

Book or e-book: Do you have any criteria when you buy a book?

I’ve tried reading books and magazines in digital format for about a decade, and I realize that certain rules are forming in me when there’s a option to choose between book or e-book.

Needless to say, the biggest advantage of e-book is its convenience. I don’t have to go to the bookshop (though I love going there) or wait for the order to be delivered, and I can carry many books and documents in one small device so I can pack lighter… so I no longer have to open my suitcase in front of check-in counters… this is great especially if you like to choose what to read by your mood like me. And it’s also good for the books that you don’t want to put on the shelf… :)

But when I read things in digital, I somehow feel like I just consumed data and not experienced the texts. It works really well for practical books or references, but I found some genre or format are really not suitable for e-book reading.

Magazine is one of them. It works fine if there’s a particular article that I want to read, but just to flip through and look for something interesting, it’s not so working well for me because I don't read them linearly. Same goes for cookbooks. (But I have to mention that its convenience is also brilliant. I can check magazines from all over the world without caring about the oversea shipping costs..)

And there are books filled with beautiful words and sentences, and have its own world like novel, poetry and picture books. I find these types of books are also not suitable for e-book reading. I don’t think I give myself enough time for these books lately, but when I do I want to have it in print and feel the texture of papers, admire its cover, give them dog ears and post-its and place next to the pillow and sleep with it... I enjoy its physical presence. (And then the following question for these books would be: Paperback or Hardback?)

So, how about you? Do you have any rules when there’s digital/analog choice?








絵本の詳しい情報や購入方法などは、発行元の新綴(しんとじ)さんのページをご覧ください。 現在は日本語版のみですが、翻訳した英語版も入手可能になりましたら、またお知らせしますね!

English version

3D picture book “Soo – The Adventure of Soo The Otter” by Takuya & Sakura. Currently it’s only available in Japanese (original) version, but once its English version (translated by me and Lisa) is released, I’ll let you know! :)


[nokonoko journal] 20180221

Are you following that big winter sports event?

I absolutely want to try curling with long snack break... (10min curling & 30+min snack break)


"Interviews / Reports" Tab


I added “Interviews/Reports” button on Top menu (in Menu bar if you’re on mobile) for your and my convenience. Wow, very rich contents in such a plain page…! Enjoy reading :)


Whisper #425-434

Thank you Oprah.

When I was in junior high school, I ran for the student council. 7 students were selected by vote, and one who got the most votes would become a president. I was one of those 7 students, but not a president.

(At this point, I wonder why I ran for it from the beginning, but anyway.)

After the result was announced, I got a call from someone who saw the selection process. I knew his name and face, but we’d never talked before.

He said “I just wanted to tell you that you actually got the most votes. So logically you should have been a president. But after the result came, teachers held a meeting and decided that the president should be a boy and told us to forget what we’ve saw. So you are not selected as a president, but I thought you should know. I’m telling this to you not because I personally support you or anything, but because I thought that was wrong.” And he hung up.

After this call, I didn’t ask anything to teachers, or mentioned this in public.
Not just because:
a.       I would never know if that was true
b.       it would sound very sour-grapey if I mentioned

But also because:
a.       I didn’t want to ruin his brave act and fairness
b.       this was somewhat understandable at that time

This was the time when girls were not allowed to join Computer Club at our school. I was told “You can’t join this club because… you’re a girl. Why don’t you go to Homemaking club and make an apron?”

And that was the time there was no SNS to spread the injustice. And even there was, it wouldn’t have been treated as injustice I guess.

These sounds like a bad joke to me now.
And I’m quite happy about how things changed.

Now, computer club guys scold me for not bringing many girls, and I know and you know that men in apron are sexy.


Happy New Year 2018

This is a dog.




説子 / 6octaves

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