EKN #35: Walk when we can't run

Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

The world is rapidly and seemingly getting back to normal, and I'm feeling fatigue. And I know I'm not the only one to feel this way.

If you are one of them, let's just take it easy...

I just discovered Sing along feature on my music app..., so...


[nokonoko journal] Won't be the same

Flour is finally back in store shelves, signs of "1 item per household" are diminished, and it's becoming normal routine to wear masks and spray hand sanitizer whenever we go into the stores. Now, almost all the stores (including convenience stores and banks) here have spray at the entrance.

We see temperature self-check point at the mall entrance and current congestion rate is announced and shown with live camera. Addition to "Wait Here" floor signs to promote social distance, elevator floors are segmented. And we follow these naturally.

I could go to a hair salon the other day. They had entrance doors wide open for ventilation, checked my temperature and sanitize my hands, and (although they said it's optional) I wore a mask while they fix my hair. The salon was cheerful mood though, as if people were all hungry for a chat in person. (Me and my hairdresser were talking whether we wear makeup under a mask.)

These are few examples, but so-called "new standard" is definitely being established in our life.

Whether you are still in lockdown or similar status or finally allowed to go buy non-essential items, please remain cautious.

Now I'm making a list of things I should stock up for next winter... before I forget...

Sanitized / Used shopping carts


[nokonoko journal] state of emergency

We are currently in the state of emergency.

This is different from "lockdown" which is happening in many countries right now, but we are strongly requested to stay inside and some stores are VERY STRONGLY requested to close. (it's like.. you can't be arrested if you open the store, but your store will be surrounded by people requesting you to shut down, your store name will be announced in a shame list, and you will be treated as a traitor in your community.)

Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and 4 other prefectures went into the state of emergency on April 7, and the rest of prefectures joined in from April 16. And several days ago, the government announced the extension.

But that's not what I want to talk about today.

What I want to tell you is; When you do decide to cut your hair by yourself, go very slowly and stop when you think "it may be a bit long". Or you get carried away and may end up having a very avant-garde hairstyle. (This is what I've learned from the self-haircut years in my 20s. )

And no matter how well you did, hairdressers will definitely know that you cut them. So declare first openly. They may smile or laugh but won't nag you. 

My hair now is about 20cm shorter than last week, and I feel so light and happy. But I really can't wait to go to the hair salon to chat with staffs and fix this hair....!!!

It’s already summer sky..


Cherry Blossom 2020

This was filmed in early April.
About a week before some of our prefectures went into the state of emergency.

(Don't worry or don't get upset... It's in the countryside, and I made sure there's no one around...)


Flower blooms no matter what's happening in the world

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan live-streamed their session for students.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet shares their daily barre class.

An established bakery started online sourdough workshop (10+ lessons, in reasonable price).

Musicians share home listening playlists and intimate concert from their living room.

Some libraries prepare "surprise bag" so that people can just pick up and enjoy random-selected books.

Mean restaurant and bars started seriously cool takeout menu (full course from entrée to dessert...).

Cafes started to sell "coffee ticket" so that customer can support the store while closing.

This is certain; Creative people are creative no matter what situation they're in.
I am truly amazed, inspired and encouraged by these people on a daily basis... thank you, and also big thank you for people working really hard under this tough conditions. 

If the world can be saved by just staying in, what do you do?

I'm trying to save the world by tackling time-consuming recipes for starters, and maybe organizing thousands of bookmarks on browsers.... (ah, this will take long..)

a part of my stay in kit


EKN #32: prelude to good night sleep

Together - Matthew Halsall

Breathe in… Breathe out… Streeeeeeeeetch…


[doodle] Stories from around the world

So I heard this story from a person who lives in Budapest, Hungary.




3--- 収納庫 ---




7)「フンフン・・・♪ なんていい天気なんだ!」


9)「はぁ~あ~、買い直しだよ… バッカみてえ」

10)「あれ? お客様、さっきお買い求めになったトイレットペーパーを
忘れていきませんでしたか? 店で取っておきましたよ」



Stay safe and sane!


[nokonoko journal] serene morning

It was really warm yesterday, almost reaching 20 degrees, and was my day off. So I dropped in my favorite local bakery, and drove to a temple/park to take a little walk there.

Plum trees were blossoming, and the area was wrapped with subtle sweet smell. Spring is coming..!

There weren't many people, but I saw some with backpacks were about to go hiking in the mountains. Good idea, especially for the time like this.


[nokonoko journal] Keep on


焼き立てパンの匂い(ここはパンも焼いてるんだ)につられてフラフラしていると、聞こえてきたのは、あら懐かしい「Choo Choo TRAIN」のイントロ。(世代的にZOOのほうです)お店の雑多な感じ、野菜とパンが並ぶ先でうどんをすする人たち、その雰囲気とこの曲が本当にぴったりで、わぁ、、浮かれてた時代のスキー場にタイムトリップしたみたい…!!と、しばし感動に震えました。

この曲のイントロを聞いただけで、当時この曲が使われていたCMのワンシーン(ゲレンデでたいまつを持った男女が踊る姿)が浮かんできたわけですが、その時ふっと「そもそもなんでChoo Choo TRAINなんだろう…」という疑問が浮かび、帰宅してすぐに歌詞をチェック。そして初めて気づいたのです。この曲の歌詞には、「雪」はおろか、冬の季語が一切使われていないことを…。

たしかサビで「♪なんとかかんとか スキー スキー」って英語で言ってなかったっけ、、と思ったのも「スキップ スキップ」の聞き間違いだったことが判明(でもやっぱり「スキー」に聞こえるんだけど…)。もうてっきり冬の歌だと信じ込んで生きてきた私は、この事実に大きな衝撃を受けました。イメージの刷り込みって恐ろしい…。思い込みとは恐ろしいものです…。




[Good evening Tuesday] Snow

We had first proper snow for this winter. I was really excited to see the white covered garden and streets this morning. Quiet time, misty windows, steam from the coffee. 

I wanted to make a snowman, but it rained and almost everything melted away in the afternoon.

And tomorrow, the forecast says it'll be 18c.




You and I have different native languages.
You don't speak my mother tongue, I don't speak your mother tongue, so we meet halfway and speak English, my second and your second or third language.

We talk, we argue, we exchange ideas, we joke, we cry, we laugh.
We seem to be able to communicate. And I like you.

Then your phone rings, it's from someone who shares your first language.
"Excuse me," and you start talking in your mother tongue.

Suddenly, you become like a different person.
Different language, different intonation, different pitch.
I feel more natural flow and confidence in your voice.
You sound more emotional, more chatty, and more controlled.


Then you hung up the phone, and you get back to the person I know.


You and I have different native languages.
You don't speak my first language, but I speak your first language as a second language, so we speak English.

We talk, we argue, we exchange ideas, we joke, we cry, we laugh.
We seem to be able to communicate. And I like you.

Then your phone rings, it's from someone who shares your first language.
"Sorry," and you start talking.

Suddenly, you become like a different person.
Your pace gets faster, you use different range of vocabulary.
You switch from world standard English to your vernacular English.

I feel more natural flow in your voice.
You sound more emotional, more chatty, and more relaxed.


Then you hung up the phone, and you get back to the person I know.

* * *

I know that the personalities are not defined only by words. And I do understand that our message can go beyond languages, and that strong words and texts cannot lose its meaning and power by translations (when it's done sincerely).

But I can't help but wish... if only I could understand you in your mother language. And, if only you could understand me in my mother language.

All the nuances, puns, rhymes, cultural and local and generational references and jokes. I wish we could communicate with all these elements, as if we put the Babel fish in our ears, or as if we ate Honyaku-Konnyaku.

Whenever I face the situation like (1) and (2), I recognize there's this unfillable gap between us. I feel sad, despair... and a drive in me.



New year, new notebook.

I've been using NOLTY U-series since its launch. I tried to switch twice in the past, but each time I came back to this within a week, so I guess I now can call this my standard.

Utter contrary to my expectation, this blog has made it into 2020s. I was thinking, back in the beginning of it (2012), I could give "Good job!" to myself if I succeed publishing 5 posts. According to the Blogger, this will be my 330th posts. And I thought, wow.., I don't wanna waste a lot of time by re-reading all of them... :)

I don’t know who’s out there (or are there any) reading this, but thank you. When the world gets tense, we go loose. We drink fifth wave coffee (that would be tea, or tap water), bring a tote bag for grocery shopping and talk about things that spark joy.


EKN #31: Apple and Honey

Happy New Year 2020
Don't be too smart. We are not robots.



バーモント・キス 相対性理論 (Vermont Kiss – Soutaiseiriron)

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