Live image from a spacecraft, for example

I guess it's a problem of our age: when I see something absolutely real, I tend to think "is that a CG?" 


organized chaos

I've just watched a documentary called "Herb and Dorothy". I enjoyed it. It's really liberating to see the people who live like this. 

The film also reminded me the time I visited Sir John Soane's house and museum. It was a place where I could visually feel the power of one's obsession. Very liberating experience.


Not on the internet

A local person gave me a city tour. In addition to the must-see famous spots, she shared her own hangouts. Her schools, favorite sushi place, supermarkets, places to buy sweets.. I enjoyed it so much. That's what I always want to know when I visit someone's hometown.


Autumn sky

Bright colored umbrellas, some are almost like roofs.

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