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**This post has been transferred from my old blog post. It’s really not a fault of Wordpress. It was just me who couldn’t handle their millions of options.**

Hello and welcome. I’m Setsuko, a translator based in quiet part of Japan (place called ‘Gunma’, have you ever heard about it?).
Addition to my translation work around mostly ‘machinery stuff’, lately I started to write for local newspaper. This work allows me to go and see the people/events in town that I’m interested in, which is great, but the paper is written in Japanese and only published in print. What a shame. I need a place to brag about my experience… no no, I mean, need a place to share it with my English speaking people …and so this blog was born.
I will post about what I’ve seen or heard, things I’d like to share and probably whatever comes to my mind. Let me figure out along the way… at this point I’m not even sure if I can go on more than 3 posts!
Thanks for visiting.

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