Exquisite and Easy Cheese Toast

How's your early December weather treating you? Here in Gunma, it's pretty tough situation. I need a good reason to get out of bed... such as... hot coffee or good breakfast..

To lighten up your morning a little bit, I'd like to introduce my cheese toast recipe that I've been making for about 15 years.

I saw the original recipe in the magazine when I was a highschool student, then I skipped complicated steps and got to this version. I've been asked how to make this almost every time I served, and people always surprised at how easy to make and the outcome is great. (One of the great testimonials I got for this was my old friend: He made this for a lady who spent a night at his place, and the lady told him that she would come back just for this toast. Later they became an couple.)

Ok, here's the recipe.

What you need:

- A slice of bread
- Ham
- Cheese (cheese slice is fine)
- Mayo
- Whole-Grain mustard

What you do:

1. Spread the mustard and mayo on the bread (Quantity? just spread like you spread the butter)
2. Put a ham and cheese on the toast.
3. Bake it till it's golden.

Grind some peppers or sprinkle tabasco if you want.

Whole grain mustard does good job in here, so be sure to get one. And if possible, I recommend you to try Japanese mayo (Kewpie's). It has richer taste and it will upgrade your recipe. (Check your local supermarket's sushi section or Asian food shop)

Magic ingredient.
You can use bacon or any kind of cheese you like, or use baguette instead of a slice of bread... alternate as you like (and let me know if you find any good combination). Hope this can be your good breakfast, appetizer or late night snacks. Enjoy!

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