Interview with Demoscener – Gloom (Excess, Dead Roman)

As I explore the demoscene, I discovered that there are some people who are like “wherever I go, there you are”*. Those are people who actively drive and support the scene, and some provide the platform for demosceners across the globe to shine (and the place for fandom to ohh and ahh over). And probably, without their help, this culture could instantly become past tense…

Gloom, the guest of this time is definitely one of these “demoscene-driver”. He has been in the scene since late 80s, and aside from being famous for his musical talent, he is contributing to various demoscene-related sites/events like… Scene.org, Displayhack, Solskogen (Norwegian demoparty), NVScene… ah what else… :)

In this interview, he revealed some secrets to have successful and happy creative time (and life) and explained why he could stay active in the scene for more than 20 years.. (and we can check his working space!)


デモシーナー、Gloomさん(Excess, Dead Roman)にインタビュー




そんなわけで、お待たせいたしました! ぜひお楽しみください、、。


haunt me: Mon monde imaginaire est plus beau que vos nuits

“Majolica Majorca” is a makeup line from Shiseido. I believe this line is mainly for young girls who just discovered the world of makeup, but their visual stories are always inspirational and packed with “fun” of makeup…  
These are special short movies made for their 10th anniversary.


Random Notes: Oct 28, 2013

Meet my baby birds, Goma (sesame) and Fuyu (winter). When I got them from the shop, they were so tiny that I hesitate to take photos. But 2weeks later, they have fluffy feathers and can fly.

Fuyu (left), Goma (right) still with baby feathers









Interview with Demoscener – Smash (Fairlight)

“Programmers and translators are doing similar things; they are both translating one language into another.” Once, I was told so by Japanese engineer. And I guess that was the start of getting interested in programmers/coders; what they do and who they are. (I thought we have nothing common except we both use keybord a lot :) Translators translate one human language and culture (and more) into another, and Programmers translate human language and notion (and more) into what machine can understand - code?? But then what happens if they want to translate imagery on his/her head into the one on screen?? (that’s what demo is about, right?)

This time, I interviewed Smash from Fairlight, who’s been in demoscene for long time and who’s often referred to as “one of the best coders in demoscene”. He's making quite eclectic demos; pop to sentimental with gorgeous visuals, but did you know he started his demoscene year as musician? In this interview, I asked him about this transition, how he works, some secrets around popular demos, and yes, I pitched some questions about programming/coding… And he answered them all.

It’s long but it’s definitely worth reading… 
Savor every words… :)  (I did! :)

Update: You can read this in Russian now! Big thanks to gravisus!


「プログラマーと翻訳者は似てますよね。両者とも1つの言語を別の言語に翻訳してるわけだから、、」 数年前に、とあるエンジニアの方に言われた言葉です。プログラマー/コーダーという職業やその内容について興味を持つようになったのは、これがきっかけだった気がします。(キーボードを使うということぐらいしか、共通点はないと思っていた…笑) 翻訳者は1つの人間の言語や文化(など)を別の言語に翻訳して、プログラマーは人間の言語や概念(など)を、機械が理解できる言葉、“コード”に翻訳する、、?? だけど、デモの作品のように、頭の中にあるイメージを画面に出したい時はどうするの…?深まる謎…。




New "Interview with demoscener" is coming soon...

The next person will be…

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Currently translating… hopefully coming soon… 
(probably next week...)


Quack Quack

Summer greetings from tropical island! …I mean from Japan. The temperature goes up to nearly 40c everyday, and the hygrometer in my room says 80%. ugh... I’m so tuckered out and my hair is unmanageable, but on the bright side, we may soon be able to grow banana tree in the garden… or whatever… (I’m not summer person, that’s all… c’mon autumn…)

Ok, as I just open my blog post from weather topic like an authentic Japanese laydee, let’s get to the point…






Interview with Demoscener – Zavie (Ctrl-Alt-Test)

Who would've thought this “interview with demoscener” would have 4th guest?! (I certainly didn't, and this fact makes me super happy!) Japan, Hungary, Finland… as you can see from the guest list, demoscene is fairly international culture…

For this time, I interviewed Zavie from Ctrl-Alt-Test, who knows both European and Japanese demoscene. (He is one of the organizers of Tokyo Demo Fest.) In this interview, he reveals his “highly effective” new demomaking technique, not-so-usual working space and what drives demoscene. (He also shares some of his beautiful photo!)

Enjoy! :)


「デモシーナーにインタビュー」、4回目(!)となる今回はアルファベットの作品名がユニークなCtrl-Alt-Testのコーダーを務める、Zavieさんにインタビューをお願いしました。フランス出身のZavieさんですが、現在は日本に在住されていて、日本のデモパーティー「Tokyo Demo Fest」のオーガナイザーの1人でもあります。




Random Notes

- “Tweets” is translated as “mumbling” in Japanese. Not sure because of that but I find JP tweets are more introversive. Especially after 22h.

- Or simply because of the users I’m subscribing. That’s quite likely.


haunt me: R is for Rei (and Ray)

Niji-zou by Rei Harakami


I try to think he’s now on a long break.

His album “Red Curb” and “lust” have never been left from my top playlist.


Picnic under the stars

As I mentioned in my last post about “Sora Girl (Space Girl)”, it was so fun to visit space-related facilities in Gunma and to talk to various experts and space enthusiasts. I couldn’t feature everyone’s comments due to limitations of space (of article :), but it was inspiring to know that each of them has their own ideas and way to enjoy night sky…

“Space Souvenir” I got.
Space food (Chocolate cake) and Space Curry that astronauts actually eat.



前回の投稿で「宙ガール」の記事についてご紹介しましたが、県内のいろんな施設や専門家の方、そして天文ファンの方に話を伺うことができて、とても楽しかったです。(毎回そうなんだけどね!) 取材にご協力いただいた皆さま、どうもありがとうございました!


Star Festival (July 7)

Happy Star Festival (Tanabata)!
May your wishes come true!

Space Girl

For weekly Asahi Gunma published in last week (June 28), I went around Gunma-ken and checked around “Sora Girls” activity.

Weekly Asahi Gunma (June 28)
So happy that this feature made the cover…

“Sora Girl” – literal translation would be “Space Girl”, is a word emerged from last year or so and it signifies “a girl who is interested in stars and space”. (note: “sora” usually means “sky” in Japanese, but here it means “space”) But the definition is quite loose; she doesn’t need to have solid knowledge or proper telescope. If she’s interested in or likes to watch night sky, she’s “Sora Girl” :)


Do - A donut, a perfect donut

The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.”
Oscar Wilde                     

The hole makes the donut. Donut without the hole has different names.

Accept this incompleteness as a complete form.




 「宙ガール」という言葉は、望遠鏡メーカーが作った言葉っていう話もあるんですが、その定義は結構ゆるめ。天文の詳しい知識がなくても、夜空を見るのが好きなら、もうあなたも「宙ガール」。(笑) ここ数年、一般のニュースでも話題になるような大きな天文ショーが多かったため、宙ガールだけでなく、天文ファンそのものが増えているようです。


Dear Diary: Photo journal

EU Film Days
EU Film Days 2013 has started in Tokyo from this June. It’s an annual event featuring movies made in EU countries. To be honest, I know nothing about this event until I was informed but luckily this year I had an occasion to see one of their selections. (I wish I could see most of them, it looks so interesting and introspectively dramatic – well, to me that’s very European movie) What I saw was a movie from Hungary “The Maiden Danced to Death”. I like the part where people eating icecream in a cable car :D

現在東京で開催されている「EU Film Days 2013」に行ってきました。今回、親切な方にお声をかけていただいたご縁で初めて知ったイベントなのですが、ヨーロッパでもかなり珍しい国の映画(エストニアとか、スロヴァキアとか)がセレクトされていました。(人間ドラマとか、葛藤とか、そういうところにスポットをあてた“ヨーロッパっぽーい”映画ばかりで、できれば全部見たいくらい) 私が見たのは、ハンガリーの「死と乙女という名のダンス」です。タイトルだけ聞いてホラーなのかとビクビクしてたわけですが、そういうものではなかったです。長い年月を経て再会した2人がロープウェーでアイスを食べてるシーンが良かったですねー(そこかよ!って話もあるけども。)


Interview with Demoscener – Preacher (Brainstorm、Traction)

I like the fact that lately “Demo” is often described as “Digital Art” rather than “Demonstration of computer programming technique (aka show-off)” like it used to be. I’m sure the true beauty lies in code itself, but there are tons of demos that people can appreciate without having any computer knowledge. (I can say this because I’m one of these people.)

We can appreciate drawings without knowing which brand of watercolors were used, and we can appreciate music without understanding what software was used to edit; that’s because it’s art, I believe. It leaps everything and just goes straight to your heart. So are some demos.
(Well, but those behind-the-scenes stories are always too fun to miss… and that’s why I’m doing this interview.. :)

And when we say “demo is digital art”, I think Preacher's demo is one of the perfect examples to prove this phrase. His often abstract and minimal works seem like a contemporary art we would see in installation gallery..

So this time, I interviewed Preacher (Traction, Brainstorm) who’s been in demoscene since mid-90s and often referred to as “coder-poet”. I asked him how he discovered demoscene, where he gets his inspiration, his goals, his workroom (there’s photo!)… and we did a little game too :)


デモシーナー、Preacher (Brainstorm、Traction)にインタビュー

かつてデモと言えば、“コンピュータープログラミング技術のデモンストレーション”とか“技術の見せびらかし”と説明されてきたようですが、最近ではその代わりに“デジタルアート”という表現が使われているようです。 おぉ、ズバリだわ!と思い、個人的にはこの表現をいたく気に入っております。 もちろん、デモの本質は変わっていないでしょうからプログラム自体にも美しさがあるのだと思いますが、そういった詳しい知識がなくても、映像作品として楽しめるものが続々と出てきているように思います。私自身もプログラミングやグラフィックの知識はない人間なので、デモをデジタルアートとして鑑賞しているひとりでもあります。





To the forest

For Weekly Asahi Gunma (May10 edition), we featured “Best spot for Bird watching in Gunma”. (May 10-16 were “Bird Week” in Japan, that’s why!)

Since Gunma is endowed with nature :D, beautiful places to walk around and watch/listen to the birds are everywhere!

Here are some photos from where I visited…

From Kannonyama, Takasaki-city

There’s beautiful forest right next to this statue of the Goddess. 
Literally it’s a bird sanctuary..

“Bird House” Though it’s not for birds.
It's also the entrance of Forest for Wild bird.






How they teach English in Japanese Elementary school

Back in March, I visited an elementary school in Isesaki-city, Gunma to see its English class.

My article was published on April 12 issue of AsahiGunma.

From 2011, English became a compulsory class for 5th and 6th grader in all public elementary schools in Japan. More precisely, once-a-week lesson called “Foreign Language Activities”: it’s not a usual subject like math or science and it doesn’t require tests or proficiency check.












haunt me: [Butterfly Effect] This may change your life

“Butterfly Effect” 
by Andromeda Software Development
(watch it on full screen!)

This is a computer program-driven art called “demo”. If you want to generate this on your computer, check hereTo know more about what “demo” is, maybe you can start from here.



Little Ballerina

For April edition of AG (tabloid format of Asahi Gunma), I met and did interview with Miss Airi Igarashi, who participated this year’s Prix de Lausanne (International ballet competition held annually in Switzerland).

“AG” April edition
She’s on cover!! Thanks for the great photo, Ito-san!

Prix de Lausanne is the dream stage for aspiring dancers around the world. It’s often described as “gateway to successful dancers” since quite a lot of current ‘star dancers’ went through this competition. Not just dancing and competing on the stage, participants get coaching from great dancers. It’s a wonderful occasion but as you can imagine, it’s not so easy to be qualified…



先週の金曜日(4/5)に発行された朝日ぐんまタブロイド版「AG」では、2月末にスイスで行われた「41回ローザンヌ国際バレエコンクール」に参加した群馬のバレリーナ、五十嵐愛梨さん(山本禮子バレエ団付属研究所所属)にインタビューしました!(Update: AGのウェブサイトで記事が公開されています)

AG 4月号・表紙!どどーん!



Spring has come! Time for something new!

Spring has come and April is here.

April is known as “starting time” in Japan, since school and company start from April. Seeing the cherry blossom blooms and the first year students wearing brand new yellow hats (somehow quite a lot of elementary schools provide it to them), even though we are no longer students this season makes us want to start something new.

Asahi Gunma (3/22)
It made the cover! 


ようこそグンマーへ! (春のお稽古ごと)



Dear Diary: phone photo journal

Biscuit Day
For some far-fetched reasons, February 28 is Biscuit Day in Japan. Speaking of biscuit, have you heard about ‘CookieMonster’ stole golden biscuit sign from Bahlsen? (and he asked to give away cookies to children in hospital.) I know it’s a crime and not supporting theft, but this is too good to be true. It's a fairytale. (and witty letters and photo) I first thought if this is a new type of marketing method… Whatever that is, I fall for it.


haunt me: Lyrical Numbers

…this is my current alarm sound 
(though I never make it till ‘begin’…)
If you want to generate this on your computer, visit here.


Mathematically Correct Breakfast (Still trying...)

Today, 3.14 is International Pi Day & Math Day!

Not sure what exactly we should do on this day, but I’ll tell you about my recent mathematical challenge…

I’m cheating, by holding the broken part. 
I always separate them with a final cut.. hmm..



ここ数週間ほど、「数学的に正しい朝食」というのにチャレンジしています ↓


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