Food + DIY = Food Jammers!

It’s been very cold winter here. Some area in Japan got less than minus 20’c, and TV news constantly reports it by using wet towel or cup noodles to show how quickly they freeze. And this view reminds me of my Canadian winter days…

First snow is fun...


料理 + メカニック = Food Jammers




Dear Diary: The year +1

Most intriguing video in 2012
Though I didn't have much time to go to the theater last year, I fortunately run into some interesting/inspiring videos online.. Among obvious ones and many others, here is what haunted me for a while…


Interview with Japanese demoscener - q (coder from nonoil, gorakubu)

After translating the demoscene documentary (Moleman2) last year, I could get to know Japanese demosceners on Twitter. (Thank you. And you should join, too..) Life is funny. Now that I know they are there … why not using this opportunity and pitching some questions? So here you go, this is an interview with Japanese demo coder “q” from nonoil. His 64k invitation demo “Candy” was lately ranked 1st at “2012 Best invitation demo” of 4Sceners.de.

In this mail interview, he explains why he chose demo over creating game, how he makes demo, some inside story around his demo and his workspace…with photo (Yes!) It’s a full of practical tips for non-demosceners too. 


昨年、デモシーンのドキュメンタリーを翻訳させていただいた縁で、日本で活動するデモシーナーの方々とTwitter上で出会うことができました。(ありがとうございます) …これは質問をぶつける絶好のチャーンス!!ということで、先日ドイツのデモシーンポータル「4Sceners.de」が選ぶ2012年の”Best Invitation Demo”1位にも選ばれたCandyのコーダー、qさん(nonoil)にメールインタビューさせていただきました。

デモを選んだ理由、デモ作りのメソッド、Candyに込めた思い、自作デモツール、、、そして作業現場も公開していただきました!やったね デモシーンに詳しくない方でも、明日からの仕事に活かせそうなヒントがたくさん入っています。どうぞお楽しみください!

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