Food + DIY = Food Jammers!

It’s been very cold winter here. Some area in Japan got less than minus 20’c, and TV news constantly reports it by using wet towel or cup noodles to show how quickly they freeze. And this view reminds me of my Canadian winter days…

First snow is fun...

 After I graduated the university in Tokyo, I’d worked at a company in Montreal, Canada for 3 years. I’d never lived outside of Japan until then, and my hometown Gunma is quite cold place in Japan, so I underestimated the coldness of Canadian winter, which is below minus 25’c… It was harsh. Really really harsh… It was no longer “it’s cold!” but “it hurts!”. My hair freeze, my eyelashes freeze, milk I bought at the supermarket became sorbet on my way home… (sigh) I could have enjoyed more of that winter time with… like going to work with dog-sledge or staying at ice hotel… but in reality, I just spend my days back-and-forth between work and home sobbing for those frozen milk … 

but you know, you can use your balcony as extended freezer, 
that was handy…

No no, I’m not telling my sad old stories, here I want to write about what brighten me up in such violent cold time.

There was a Canadian cooking TV show called “Food Jammers” (aired on Canadian food network). In short, it was about 3 boys who like to cook and make things. In each 20min or so episode, they come up with original and surprising way to cook their favorite meal.

For example: (there's short video clip on linked page)

- We want, but it’s too heavy to bring roast turkey for camp, isn’t it?
  -> Why don’t we cook roast turkey and dehydrate it, it will be lighter!

- Pizza rules! But they're always flat, why don’t we make something different?
  -> Let’s make 3D pizza… like stairway or dice shapes…

 3D pizza slideshow

- Imagine if we could get our favorite hot tacos whenever we want…
 -> Tada! Automated Taco Machine!

- I’m stuck in the office, but we have BBQ party plan. Can we do that in the office?
  -> Did you know that drawers and shredder are quite useful?

- It’s cold.. we crave hot tub.. btw, we heard there’s a hot pot meal called “shabu shabu” in Japan.
  -> Let’s cook and eat Shabu Shabu while enjoying outdoor hot tub!

etc etc..

It was very fun and creative show, and their food looks yummy too (and the boys are cute). I really enjoyed watching it every time. Too bad I still haven’t watched their Season 3, but I heard it’s getting wilder, such as baking a pie on a raft… (where can I watch? Any plan for DVD release? then can I do subtitle…?)

Thousands of people, thousand of way to perceive the world… it’s inspiring to see how they enjoy their daily life. ..and this gets me thinking that maybe I could have done something enjoyable even with milk sorbet… (or not…)

I noticed that someone uploaded 2 episodes from Season 1 on YouTube:

Episode 1 “Kick-The-Can Ice Cream” (Homemade icecream on camping, check from 20:27! Wanna try this!)
Episode 2 “Dehydrated Turkey”  (the one I mentioned above)

Food Jammers Official website provides details, design, photos, recipes of each episode. If you are interested in cooking and mechanical stuff, I strongly recommend checking it. :)

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