Dear Diary: phone photo journal

Biscuit Day
For some far-fetched reasons, February 28 is Biscuit Day in Japan. Speaking of biscuit, have you heard about ‘CookieMonster’ stole golden biscuit sign from Bahlsen? (and he asked to give away cookies to children in hospital.) I know it’s a crime and not supporting theft, but this is too good to be true. It's a fairytale. (and witty letters and photo) I first thought if this is a new type of marketing method… Whatever that is, I fall for it.

Ramen beginner
Ramen noodles are Japan’s favorite food. It’s easy, yummy, comforting and reasonable. And if you go to bookshop, you can find “Best Ramen shop” guidebook in ANY place in Japan. Having said that, I wasn’t so into this culture until recently, and then suddenly I started to have craving. I don’t know why but maybe this is what people call ‘growth’. So my brother, who is a walking Ramen guidebook took me to the “must” Ramen place. Great start for my new Ramen life. I fall for it.

Birds in a cage
Blue one please.

Train Ride Home
I think the winter is officially saying bye now… waiting for this year’s cherry blossom to bloom.
Lately I've visited quite a lot of places for my articles for local papers. It was all great and fun! will share them with you later. :)

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