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haunt me: Jonny's Dream


 [  There they sit, the preschooler class encircling their
       mentor, the substitute teacher.

    "Now class, today we will talk about what you want to be
       when you grow up. Isn't that fun?" The teacher looks
       around and spots the child, silent, apart from the others
       and deep in thought. "Jonny, why don't you start?" she
       encourages him.

    Jonny looks around, confused, his train of thought
       disrupted. He collects himself, and stares at the teacher
       with a steady eye. "I want to code demos," he says,
       his words becoming stronger and more confidant as he
       speaks. "I want to write something that will change
       peoples perception of reality. I want them to walk
       away from the computer dazed, unsure of their footing
       and eyesight. I want to write something that will
       reach out of the screen and grab them, making
       heartbeats and breathing slow to almost a halt. I want
       to write something that, when it is finished, they
       are reluctant to leave, knowing that nothing they
       experience that day will be quite as real, as
       insightful, as good. I want to write demos."

    Silence. The class and the teacher stare at Jonny, stunned. It
       is the teachers turn to be confused. Jonny blushes,
       feeling that something more is required.  "Either that
       or I want to be a fireman."
                                            - Denthor of Asphyxia 
                                                 14:32  21/11/93


                 ワクワクするでしょう?」 教師が教室を見渡すと、ひとり静かに考え込む
                 子どもを見つけた。 「ジョニー、あなたから始めてくれるかしら?」
              「ぼくはデモのコードが書きたいんだ」 ジョニーの言葉は強さと自信を

                              - Denthor of Asphyxia 
                                  14:32  21/11/93

Jonny is my hero.

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