Mathematically Correct Breakfast (Still trying...)

Today, 3.14 is International Pi Day & Math Day!

Not sure what exactly we should do on this day, but I’ll tell you about my recent mathematical challenge…

I’m cheating, by holding the broken part. 
I always separate them with a final cut.. hmm..

It’s a bagel mobius strip from “Mathematically Correct Breakfast” (by George W. Hart). You can also watch how-to video.

Looks like this was for students’ workshop and had very successful rate… while… I happened to spoil at least 6 bagels…. (I know why, so please don’t remind me… also I’m hesitating to draw lines with sharpie..) Still trying...

When you successfully clear this stage, there’s actually another stage waiting. Which… seems to be very very tough to spread cream cheese on. Try if you dare.

And while we’re on Pi/Math subject, I’d like to introduce one of my favorite books. It’s written by a man who can see the sequence of numbers (like Pi) as colorful landscape. 

“Born on a Blue Day” by Daniel Tammet

He is known as “Brain Man” and became famous by reciting pi (more than 20,000 digit) on 2004 International Pi Day. Since he can see numbers as colors, shapes and textures (he has synesthesia), reciting Pi was like describing the landscape he can see in his head. 

Happy Pi Day!

When I start reading this book, I doubt if it was based on fantasy.. but it turned out to be “Wow” book. He explains about himself and how the world looks like to him in simple words. (and I find it very sincere and soothing… this is my “yoga” book…) It would be fun if I can feel color or taste in numbers... (like "your birthday tastes like lemon" )

Many of the episode in this book was based on this Documentary. (this is very OMG and wonderful)
He also talks about synesthesia and different ways of perception on TED(talks a bit about his Pi’s landscape)

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