To the forest

For Weekly Asahi Gunma (May10 edition), we featured “Best spot for Bird watching in Gunma”. (May 10-16 were “Bird Week” in Japan, that’s why!)

Since Gunma is endowed with nature :D, beautiful places to walk around and watch/listen to the birds are everywhere!

Here are some photos from where I visited…

From Kannonyama, Takasaki-city

There’s beautiful forest right next to this statue of the Goddess. 
Literally it’s a bird sanctuary..

“Bird House” Though it’s not for birds.
It's also the entrance of Forest for Wild bird.

Tender green season..


From what I've heard, this goddess is said to bring romance and marriage…
(therefore there're lots of love birds on weekend..)

 Kiryu Shizen Kansatsu-no-mori, Kiryu-city (Nature observation forest)

Fun to walk around..

There’s a small house to peek the birds…

The view from this small house..

So lucky to see this beauty.

It was nice to go out and get some fresh air… and fortunately I could spot “Blue-and-white Flycatcher” that I always wanted to see… (though it wasn’t as blue as I imagined, very moved to see the real one..)

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