Random Notes

- “Tweets” is translated as “mumbling” in Japanese. Not sure because of that but I find JP tweets are more introversive. Especially after 22h.

- Or simply because of the users I’m subscribing. That’s quite likely.


haunt me: R is for Rei (and Ray)

Niji-zou by Rei Harakami


I try to think he’s now on a long break.

His album “Red Curb” and “lust” have never been left from my top playlist.


Picnic under the stars

As I mentioned in my last post about “Sora Girl (Space Girl)”, it was so fun to visit space-related facilities in Gunma and to talk to various experts and space enthusiasts. I couldn’t feature everyone’s comments due to limitations of space (of article :), but it was inspiring to know that each of them has their own ideas and way to enjoy night sky…

“Space Souvenir” I got.
Space food (Chocolate cake) and Space Curry that astronauts actually eat.



前回の投稿で「宙ガール」の記事についてご紹介しましたが、県内のいろんな施設や専門家の方、そして天文ファンの方に話を伺うことができて、とても楽しかったです。(毎回そうなんだけどね!) 取材にご協力いただいた皆さま、どうもありがとうございました!


Star Festival (July 7)

Happy Star Festival (Tanabata)!
May your wishes come true!

Space Girl

For weekly Asahi Gunma published in last week (June 28), I went around Gunma-ken and checked around “Sora Girls” activity.

Weekly Asahi Gunma (June 28)
So happy that this feature made the cover…

“Sora Girl” – literal translation would be “Space Girl”, is a word emerged from last year or so and it signifies “a girl who is interested in stars and space”. (note: “sora” usually means “sky” in Japanese, but here it means “space”) But the definition is quite loose; she doesn’t need to have solid knowledge or proper telescope. If she’s interested in or likes to watch night sky, she’s “Sora Girl” :)


Do - A donut, a perfect donut

The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.”
Oscar Wilde                     

The hole makes the donut. Donut without the hole has different names.

Accept this incompleteness as a complete form.




 「宙ガール」という言葉は、望遠鏡メーカーが作った言葉っていう話もあるんですが、その定義は結構ゆるめ。天文の詳しい知識がなくても、夜空を見るのが好きなら、もうあなたも「宙ガール」。(笑) ここ数年、一般のニュースでも話題になるような大きな天文ショーが多かったため、宙ガールだけでなく、天文ファンそのものが増えているようです。

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