Random Notes

- “Tweets” is translated as “mumbling” in Japanese. Not sure because of that but I find JP tweets are more introversive. Especially after 22h.

- Or simply because of the users I’m subscribing. That’s quite likely.

- Some are so informative or creative that I want to have it as a book.

- I’m actually still not sure what to tweet.

- Or rather, I’m still not so sure what to do with SNS.

- I opened my twitter account when that huge earthquake hit Japan in 2011. Phone line was dead and mobile email was slow.

- … and we needed to check what’s happening.

- Tweet was so much faster than TV news. And there were so many stories that media couldn’t cover for various reasons.

- Various reasons.

- At that time, SNS proved its true value. Thank you Internet.

- I do believe the power of language. And I believe 140 characters are enough to make difference.

- Or only 3 words could change someone’s life dramatically.

- Proven magic words.

- (But seriously Facebook, do people actually party almost every night??)

- What I’m doing here is just a random mumbling.

- To me, English sounds musical, French sounds sensual, German sounds exact and kinky, Russian sounds nostalgic, Italian makes me hungry.

- (And sometimes it’s really disappointing to know what exactly they’re saying.)

- ("Thought you're talking about pasta sauce!!")

- (Do we sound like a sawing machine?)

We have variety of onomatopoeia. Par example, Toko-Toko, Noko-noko are both sound for footsteps but different situation. 

- Niko-niko is a sound of smile, Pika-Pika is a sound of flashing (heard from that yellow thingy?)

- I want to make a bookshelf with exact the size I want. But the last one I made was broken when I put books on it.

- Great remix of “The Backstroke” (Rei Harakami) 

Back in school days, I loved listening to Rei’s “Red Curb” while watching SETI screen or visualizer.

- And UR with Annabelle the Sheep

- (giggle)

- Okay, time for counting sheep... Sweet dreams :)

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