haunt me: Love is in the Bento box

TV clip from "Tokyo Gas"


While having less and less conversation with my son,
I decided to make his lunch bento every day.
It was, like a one-sided email to him.

   “Don’t think it’s going to be like this every day.”

[Bento with your top 3 favorites]

  “Here. You will have lunch bento from today.”


[There, a good old home cooking taste.]

[Relax, relax.]

[You need to eat some vegetables too.]

[Cheer up~]

[Sorry! I overslept!]

Even though there was no reply from him,
I managed to carry on.
Because the bento box was always returned empty.

[I hope the weather clears up.]

[Katsu! (katsu)]


[It’s really hot day, isn’t it]

[You're growing taller again?]

[Come on, don’t be in a bad mood.]

[Happy Birthday!!]

[We have a good appetite in autumn!]

Once it’s passed, 3 years were not really long time.
And each bento box was filled with tiny memories.

[Award of “You’re studying hard” (LOL)]

And, the last day came.

[Do you remember this bento??]

   “Yes, this is good."
  "I did a great job.”

[Thank you.

I’m sorry I couldn't have told you so.]


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