Quack Quack

Summer greetings from tropical island! …I mean from Japan. The temperature goes up to nearly 40c everyday, and the hygrometer in my room says 80%. ugh... I’m so tuckered out and my hair is unmanageable, but on the bright side, we may soon be able to grow banana tree in the garden… or whatever… (I’m not summer person, that’s all… c’mon autumn…)

Ok, as I just open my blog post from weather topic like an authentic Japanese laydee, let’s get to the point…

There’s awesome duck. Or lucky duck.

This duck “Buttercup” had problem with his or her left foot, and couldn’t walk or swim properly. But with the support and collaboration of engineers and company, he got prosthetic foot which was created by 3D printer. And, look how he's doing in the video :)

There were some news about this duck last month and I kept checking. (This article got many photos and details.)

This video is peaceful and soothing, and reminds me 2 things:
1. Ducks are very pretty.
2. Technology is about how we use it.

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