Random Notes: Oct 28, 2013

Meet my baby birds, Goma (sesame) and Fuyu (winter). When I got them from the shop, they were so tiny that I hesitate to take photos. But 2weeks later, they have fluffy feathers and can fly.

Fuyu (left), Goma (right) still with baby feathers









Interview with Demoscener – Smash (Fairlight)

“Programmers and translators are doing similar things; they are both translating one language into another.” Once, I was told so by Japanese engineer. And I guess that was the start of getting interested in programmers/coders; what they do and who they are. (I thought we have nothing common except we both use keybord a lot :) Translators translate one human language and culture (and more) into another, and Programmers translate human language and notion (and more) into what machine can understand - code?? But then what happens if they want to translate imagery on his/her head into the one on screen?? (that’s what demo is about, right?)

This time, I interviewed Smash from Fairlight, who’s been in demoscene for long time and who’s often referred to as “one of the best coders in demoscene”. He's making quite eclectic demos; pop to sentimental with gorgeous visuals, but did you know he started his demoscene year as musician? In this interview, I asked him about this transition, how he works, some secrets around popular demos, and yes, I pitched some questions about programming/coding… And he answered them all.

It’s long but it’s definitely worth reading… 
Savor every words… :)  (I did! :)

Update: You can read this in Russian now! Big thanks to gravisus!


「プログラマーと翻訳者は似てますよね。両者とも1つの言語を別の言語に翻訳してるわけだから、、」 数年前に、とあるエンジニアの方に言われた言葉です。プログラマー/コーダーという職業やその内容について興味を持つようになったのは、これがきっかけだった気がします。(キーボードを使うということぐらいしか、共通点はないと思っていた…笑) 翻訳者は1つの人間の言語や文化(など)を別の言語に翻訳して、プログラマーは人間の言語や概念(など)を、機械が理解できる言葉、“コード”に翻訳する、、?? だけど、デモの作品のように、頭の中にあるイメージを画面に出したい時はどうするの…?深まる謎…。




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