Random Notes: Oct 28, 2013

Meet my baby birds, Goma (sesame) and Fuyu (winter). When I got them from the shop, they were so tiny that I hesitate to take photos. But 2weeks later, they have fluffy feathers and can fly.

Fuyu (left), Goma (right) still with baby feathers

There has been almost always a bird in my life. It took some years to recover from the previous loss, but finally feel ready to welcome new generation. Sure, it’s scary to imagine that bitter feeling may come again, but their warmth, lightness, sleepy smell, cute tweet… it’s priceless. It is priceless yo.

Programmers/Translators: [Already read this?] Hmm, I guess there are definitely some similarities between the two, but so far my impression is like we’re sitting on the same chair but looking at the opposite direction… and I guess that’s why it’s interesting to know what they see. But well, I don’t know.. I may have better view on this later...

It’s been a year since I released Japanese subtitle for Moleman2. What happened between then and now, is something I still cannot believe. Demoscene… what have you done to me.. (LOL) no no, I mean, I truly appreciate all the guests who accepted to answer, and readers out there who encouraged me… (and I hope you will put up with me for a little bit more..)

(btw, Japanese subtitle has very specific rules. For example, 4 characters for 1 second. It’s almost impossible to replace all the words in that rule, so we need to hack. I guess that’s close to “intro”, non?)

Oh hey, did you know that we have only 2 months left before the new year comes???

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