Interview with Demoscener – Gloom (Excess, Dead Roman)

As I explore the demoscene, I discovered that there are some people who are like “wherever I go, there you are”*. Those are people who actively drive and support the scene, and some provide the platform for demosceners across the globe to shine (and the place for fandom to ohh and ahh over). And probably, without their help, this culture could instantly become past tense…

Gloom, the guest of this time is definitely one of these “demoscene-driver”. He has been in the scene since late 80s, and aside from being famous for his musical talent, he is contributing to various demoscene-related sites/events like… Scene.org, Displayhack, Solskogen (Norwegian demoparty), NVScene… ah what else… :)

In this interview, he revealed some secrets to have successful and happy creative time (and life) and explained why he could stay active in the scene for more than 20 years.. (and we can check his working space!)


デモシーナー、Gloomさん(Excess, Dead Roman)にインタビュー




そんなわけで、お待たせいたしました! ぜひお楽しみください、、。


haunt me: Mon monde imaginaire est plus beau que vos nuits

“Majolica Majorca” is a makeup line from Shiseido. I believe this line is mainly for young girls who just discovered the world of makeup, but their visual stories are always inspirational and packed with “fun” of makeup…  
These are special short movies made for their 10th anniversary.

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