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Dear Diary: My personal best video award 2013

So, 2013 is over. It’s over while I kept going “What?” every time I turned over a calendar. I believe someone must have pushed the speed-up button, but I wisely consider this as a proof of having a good year.

Among some of the great videos I’ve watched during 2013, one that left me the most lasting impression was “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by The Royal Ballet.

The ballet itself was so beautiful (of course) and very witty, but how they’re presenting it was just amazing as well. Music, costumes, stage set, props… they combined analog and digital so well and it gave me a feeling that I was watching 3D picture book :) It was full of fantasies… (sigh) I only saw the DVD/cinema version but I wish I could see the real version someday…

I don’t exactly know why, but I find it a bit too tacky when too much technology is used with human performance. Maybe because it overshadows the performance, or maybe because of the freshness of new tech is short-lived… (and turn some into comedy after a while) And for that reason, though I love to see the new digital representation, I wasn’t so keen on stage performance with lots of tech stuff. However, this Alice ballet kind of changed my idea. With the right amount of tech and right idea, it will create something fantastic.

While creating haunted mansion with full of 3D holographic is elementary and bad bad bad idea (because it’ll be freakin’ traumatically scary), I’m imagining something much more girly… like real time graphic dress which interacts when we swing… (there’s a projection mapping dress and it’s gorgeous but we want to move, don’t we.) Hmmmmm… :)

(Update: Dec 22, 2014 - Actually there was already a real time projection mapping dress!) 

Anyway, it’s 2014 and brand new calendar.
My new year’s resolutions are… Relax, Enjoy, Sing more Dance more and Sleep more…! (note: It's only a temporary version...:D) 


Happy New Year 2014

Hope your next 365 days are filled with lots of tiny (or big) happiness.

Now Listening: Serph “Cityscape”

I think this album cover tells it all…
Imagining Pegasus Night drive…
(2014 is a year of horse)
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