Whisper #1-45

Random, or rather fragmented drafts. Some may form into something, and some will remain as fragments. And flash back unexpectedly. (April 25, 2014)

Why do I remember that specific awkward moment at those time?

Like now. Why now?

I wonder how many books have been published in our history. 
And how many were actually worth reading.

Ain’t no bookshelf big enough.

I saw a dream of pickled white snake. (Not a band)

It was a long winter. In so many ways.
Felt like it was winter from August.

When was the last time you print the photos you took?

My angry birds. Why are you always upset?

I borrowed the book I’ve read more than a decade ago at the library. I found my bookmark in it.

“George Clooney is engaged”

Define “everyone”. Probably not as many as we think.

Woke up with laughter of young girls walking on the street. Despite the change in time and technology, we’re pretty much feeling the same thing at that age.

New moon is coming.

A month has passed since you left here. How are you doing up there?

A few untold stories.

I wish I knew it and comfort you if I could, but you probably wouldn't have told me.

I still don’t know what to say.

But I’m so glad that I could get to know you.

and so happy that we could dance together.

Une grande révérence avec un grand sourire. 

You were graceful.

I danced like a drunk duck.

We were princesses.

I think I try not to find a word for how I feel. Because if I do, it'll probably create some distance from me.

Once it's out, it’ll no longer be mine. It looks and sounds remote. 

And sometimes it sounds so fake. Even though I meant it.

Define "originality" Probably most of them are not as original as we're convinced.

This number thing is a "homage" (LOL) to many writers.

"L'acte est vierge même répété"  - René Char

There's a lovely lady who always cheer me up in the hair salon;
Me reading magazine "Look, he's handsome, smart and kind. I'm scared."
The lady "Don't worry, he probably has really smelly feet."

Harmless obsession makes our life more interesting.

Make no mistake, I said "harmless".

May! Totoro!

Are you having a dinner with me or with your phone?
If it's phone, then tell me so. I'd rather not to bother you two's date.

La la means I have nothing to say or I just want to run away from this situation.

Finally watched "Frozen" today. It was so beautiful, and so impressed by the number of people who worked on for that.

And probably there are quite a lot of people who are not credited but contributed for this, I'm guessing.

Applause, applause, applause.

Lyrics of "His isolation is confirmation of his desperation for healing hugs" were translated in Japanese as "He chose to live in solitude because he wants to be loved". I think that's great work.

Spoiled Sunday.

Still 6 more hours to go. yeah, I can retrieve it.. 


I didn't understand why I got sick everytime I saw that person. 10 years later, finally and all of a sudden, I got the reason for it.

Are we still not allowed to dance anytime anywhere?

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