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My new blog (noko noko journal)

I’ve just started out a new blog called “noko noko journal”. Here I’m going to focus more on my day to day stuff and write in English.

These days my friends often refer to my blog (this one) as “your geeky blog” (LOL) So I’ll continue to let my geek flag fly in here, and write more personal thing on noko noko :) (Noko noko was my nickname when I lived in Canada)

You can visit from here or from the top menu ("Journal"). Check it when you have a little spare time :)

(Update: Sep16, 2015) 
After trying for a year, I consolidated this blog into this one. (I’m too lazy to handle 2 blogs..) You can check the post by “nokonoko journal” label.

They've grown up!

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