[nokonoko journal] Karaoke

A while ago, a new karaoke place has opened in our area.

Looking at its funny signage, I realized I haven't been to karaoke for many years. Last time I went was while I was on a business trip and I sang cheesy duet song. (Karaoke is still quite common after-dinner-activities in Asian countries.)

I remember I used to like karaoke. At highschool we went karaoke place (aka "karaoke box" it's all separate rooms) after exams to celebrate our freedom, and at univ my classmates and I went at least once a week deciding "today's theme" like "songs in 90s" or "only female singers' songs". After all it's chaper than going to cafe, and we can talk or sing whatever we want in private space... I liked them, and I used to enjoy singing too but somehow I started to feel stressed about it in my early 20s and avoided it as much as I can.

...and now I think I'm a bit interested to go visit that new place though I'm not so eager to sing. (And I don't know what to sing.) Maybe because I heard they have fun service and good cakes. 

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