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[nokonoko journal] That news

About this news.

What came to my mind at first was, "this can be a headline news now?"

I think most of single women over 25 in this country have received this type of comments at least once or twice in the past at workplace. It's absolutely disgusting and we so want to slap their faces with toilet slippers, but we usually just swear and shed our tears in the bathroom and remain silent because we know it won't be taken seriously even if we claim that it's inappropriate. 

Although there may be a certain generation which tends to say things like that, I believe this kind of act or words are totally up to individual, not gender or nationality. But whether we allow to do that or not is the custom, currents or national traits. 

From his apology conference, I can clearly tell that he has no idea what was wrong. Probably this person has been saying these things to many other people in his life but never been accused, or sometimes he succeed to get some laughs even. So why it's suddenly not working?

I don't know. But it's a bit surprising for me too. Could be a game changer, and we now may able to take out the slippers.

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