Whisper #46-82

Young geniuses come and go. That's probably not what I want to read about.

I can't believe how stupid I was. And I will definitely look back this very moment and say exactly same thing. 100%. Just move into the new level of stupidity. 
Life goes on.

I was interviewing the prime minister in my dream today. Under the condition of no recording device or notepad, I was allowed to ask anything.

Me: About that decision you recently made. Are you having fun with the power you have from this role?
PM: It’s stimulating.
Me: I asked whether you are having fun or not.
PM: I said it’s stimulating.
Me: Are you having fun?
PM: It’s stimulating.

And it goes on and on like this for 10 minutes or so.

I often read fictional articles in my dream.

Just because you manifest you’re sensitive, that doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to anybody.

I think that shop is playing the music of the owner or his friend... Of the sort one recorded in the room singing with a guitar, nearly sobbing.

I'm sorry but... it wasn't really appropriate for grocery shopping music.

Words fly easily these days. Seems like it’s not necessary to think or feel or even write.

You were measuring people's attention or affection by asking totally selfish things.

And when they do it for you, even though they know how absurd that favor was, you then tried to find a reason why they did that for you.

Like it was because of money, contract, guilt, or think it was easy for them to do, etc.

And you never ever accept the fact that they actually care about you.

And you're always feeling rejected in your own shell.

And you used this weepy life story of yours to get someone else's attention. (Start again from #54)

In fact you weren't moaning it. You were enjoying it.

I used to be in Travel Planning club at school. We just planned the travel with thick train time table books; how to get there and what to see, and made very specific and detailed travel plan every week. But we never traveled to anywhere.

For obvious reasons, this club was discontinued within two year.

At that time, no one in that club room knew there will be Internet in the future.

I really enjoyed it.

Geekness and nerdiness. What I thought I knew was just a ground level.

People will mock if it's on ground level. So go ahead and dig deeper or fly higher.

"Why 6 octaves?"

Finnish requires so much exhalation.

Language of sigh.


The smell of chestnut flower contains humidity.

Milk white rain.

He may be overrated.

--Ring Ring--

Good morning. This is your wake up call.

If you'd like to sleep 3 more minutes, press 1. 
If you'd like to hear encouragement message, press 2.
If you'd like to hear shocking message to open your eyes, press 3.

If you need someone to drag you out of the bed, press zero.
Our staff will be there shortly with a bucket full of ice.

[Recorded voice for N.2]
I'm sorry to hear that you lately got your heart broken. Today will be sunny. So get out the bed immediately and wash your face and see it on the mirror. You don't look so bad. Have a wonderful day.

[Recorded voice for N.3]
Thank you for choosing "shocking message to open your eyes". 
Your wife called in and your assistant has already informed her where you actually were last night. Have a wonderful day.

Good morning. This is your final wake up call.
Stop dreaming about things that are just impossible to happen, and just get on with your life. You are not Angelina Jolie, and you never will be. And that's fine.

[Press zero] 


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