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Dear Diary: Hurry up, wrap up before Autumn curtain falls..

My Angry Birds

They are doing good. They used to be sleeping together like one blowball, but now it's nearly impossible to let them out of the cage at the same time. (They are in separate cages) These days, the white one (Fuyu) sneaks up and try to pluck Goma's feather...

Japan's New World Heritage Site is in Gunma

As a proud Gunma resident, I should mention this historical moment Back in early summer, TomiokaSilk Mill and some other places in Tomioka-city, Gunma was listed as world heritage sites. Apparently, this was a big deal for Gunma people and streming video of UNESCO's council was aired on local tv (it's called Gunma TV...). And once it's decided, almost all the touristic posters and brochures about our prefectures were replaced with this place.. and of course, the shops sells Silk mill chocolate, cookies, T-shirt.. Always amazed by the speed of souvenir shops action..

I visited there some weeks before the announcement for work, and it was something you can feel the history (duh.. but can't think of any other words now.. it's a place where greatly contributed Japan's modernization with the help of France) If you happen to be a fan of world heritage sites and planning to visit there I would recommend going by tour bus (that would be the best choice) or by public transportation. There's not much parking and other registered places are not so close to each other.

For more about Gunma-ken, check this newly updated site...

Something Newer / Expiration of Newness

The other day I saw the store installation (video) by Team Lab. Their flowers were generated real time and they bloom and die when people touch the screen. It was beautiful and very photogenic (therefore SNS-ready).

It's getting quite common to see the word "real time generated" nowadays. Not in the context of computer or modern art or heavy size games, but real ordinary life. Say, last new years eve, I was watching year end national music show and saw the popular idol boys group was dancing with rotating cubes on their hands.. I was surprised because the screen looks exactly like one with demoscene, and even my mom said "Sets, is this the demoscene you're talking about?" :D (By the way, that was by Rhizomatiks, Japanese creative group. When you check out some of the Perfume's live video you'll understand.)

I heard these type of things are now called "new media art". But I wonder, how long current "new" will stay as "new". Right now, "real time generated" sounds Wow for me and for many people I guess, but are we gonna see this as a standard in the future? Like "Real time generated movie" - story changes according to the audience's reaction...?

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