Whisper #115-149

This is how I...


Prom obsession


gate 72


At driving school, I struggled at first. I kept asking the instructor "how much degrees should I turn the handle?" everytime I reached the corner.


At one point, the instructor got tired of it and said "Just look at where you want to go!"


And my struggle was gone. I passed all the tests straight and great after that. It was the breakthrough. Thanks instructor.


In fact, I found this rule applies to many other things.


But I'm still struggling with parking. So, any advices are welcomed. 


You never know what will be your breakthrough.


I'd love to see the short film of Tom Waits cooking breakfast in retro black and white.


Good morning Tom. A toast, crispy bacon and an over-easy please.


You remember that old rumour that putting someone's photo under the pillow will allow you to dream of that person?


It totally don't work.


I would love to sneak up in your dream one night and say whatever I want to say. Something I cannot say it in real life for many reasons.


And I hope you remember them when you wake up.


Chaplin loved Japan. He loved shrimp tempura.


Einstein loved Japan. He loved tempura and thinly cut Kombu, side dish of that Tempura bento.


...I bet you guys are the ones who like anything fried?


"I'm not an entrepreneur. I’m not a CEO. I’m a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter." - Markus "notch" Persson


"I haven’t found any burgers at any price that are better than McDonalds" - Bill Gates


That VR thing reminds me of the 90s Japanese novel/TV drama called "Klein Bottle".


Story went around the game developped for super VR game called Klein2. As far as I remember it was like a capsule looking hardware (like self-tanning machine) and completely immersive.


You can guess how the story goes from the title.


The character kept saying "You just start from where it starts and quit where it ends"


That was freakin' scary.


A child walks up to me and asked "Is white categorized as a bright color?"


You're such a genius.


You're such a cuckoo.


And I suddenly hear this million dollar words... 


"This is the return of the space cowboy"


I tried converting pigeons singing into Morse code, it says "ne" in Japanese. Doesn't mean anything.

I'm following you because you remind me of my old friend.


But probably, you're so much nicer.


"Ole hyvä ja sanovat kyllä"

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