haunt me: More you becomes you

My all-time favorite. Fragile piano sound to off-key voice, love everything about this album.

Whisper #150-182

The professionals

You shouldn’t be surprised. Because that’s not something just came up. It was part of them from the beginning. You just didn’t know it.

The art of expressing things by not saying them.

Somewhere between admiration and acknowledgement

This cappuccino makes me cry.

Those dinner plates didn’t work as an insurance.

Young waitress in Vegas earns more than a doctor.

Goldfish gathers in the shadow.

We didn’t have common language to communicate. But she was eager to talk to me. We pulled up our dictionary, notebook and pens. We looked up many words, drew pictures and exchanged gestures. We tried for 6 hours.

It was her return flight to her hometown. She visited her husband but he was too busy to be with her. She spent 3 months in solitude, because she doesn’t know anyone nor understand the word people say.

She just wanted to tell someone how lonely she was.

We didn’t exchange names but we talked so many things about ourselves. Family, work, friends, society around us, past. We only had 6 hours. And we both knew we will never meet again.

I still think about her sometimes. I hope she’s well.

 (She said she has a young lover in town.)

Baking in the middle of typhoon

If you watch Gibli movie and cry, you’re an adult. Kids will laugh out loud when they watch it.

It's been a year already. I thought you were joking. I laughed and mildly shocked. But I really didn't understand what you meant.

What do they do? Don’t they always say nasty things to nice people and try to stop them?

Come closer, here it’s safe.

Creating an error-free obedient android girl of your dreams?
That’s funny. You know you’ll get bored if everything goes as you imagined.

People say Japanese people are afraid of speaking English. From my experience, people who mock their English the most are Japanese.

At the business dinner table, he was the highest rank and I was the lowest. 
He was the only person who stood up when I returned from the bathroom.

Ah, my Eliza Doolittle moment.

But later I understood that the gentlemanliness is in fact an attitude to show off to other men, not ladies.

This moment. This, this, this moment. 

I think your magic is fading.

My mind was made up to do it until I turned that corner.
That gas station corner had some power to bring me back to the mundane life.

2 months later, I decided to choose another route. So I didn’t have to turn that corner.

If your audience didn't laugh at your joke, check if your joke was funny before blaming the interpreters.

You always forget to capitalize letters. You must be a programmer.

Absolute distance between us

You don't have to relate or justify your contradiction. You don't even need to hide that there is. I'll understand.

Re: I'm sorry for misunderstanding you




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