[nokonoko journal] Sunny day

Typhoon has just left this morning. And on a sunny day before that, I went for a drive with my mom.

At “Den-en Plaza Kawaba” in Kawaba village, Gunma. 

It was for grape flavor, not purple-potato flavor icecream.
(You know there are many fan for this icecream signage...)

This Onigiri was the reason why we visited here. Kawaba village has their own rice brand called "Yukihotaka" and this place is selling Onigiri made with that. It’s a new crop season, so we wanted to try their 2014 rice. It was really good, perfect for Onigiri.

There was a hotel with private steam locomotive. They have very short rail track and guest can ride. (In fact, you can still ride SL in Gunma)

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