Whisper #183-222

un homme et une femme (mais pas nécessairement ensemble)

This could be just another phase to go by.

Could be you, could be me, could be anyone.

We are all so far away from “Normal people”. But as a whole, that’s what “normal people” are.

There’s always 0.01%.

He said he only wears black. He was always attracted by the feeling of loss. His voice was beautiful and sorrowful that I used to look forward to his turn to read the textbook in the class.

Lately I’ve heard that he’s working at funeral hall. You found a perfect job, dear.

There’s always 0.001% of exception.

so many excuses not to be disappointed

Just get disappointed instead.

Many years ago, I’ve met a girl who was seriously popular among boys. So popular that she could make a living out of it.

Boys around her were desperately seeking her attention; they offered her a seat, drink, dinner, taxi fee, ring, watch, bags, shopping funds, place to live, you name it.

They even offer their hands so that she could spit a gum on it.

But she looked so bored. She was clearly not interested in any of these.

While all her admirers went out to get something for her, she told me.
“I know this is my gift. If I talk to a man for one minute, I can tell how much he is willing to spend for me. And I’m just playing within that limit.”

And she added. “Clearly, you’re not my competition”

(Thank God)

Business suit mirage

Weekday mirage

I don’t even know you.

Pretentious comma is a disease. This often develops while writing in the midnight.


Lyrics from Top chart are full of affirmation.
- You’re awesome, I’m awesome, so let’s dance.

Probably it’s an obligation for idols/idol groups to sing songs that fans can believe “this song is for me… he’s singing about me… oh Justin…”


Too tired to sleep

tick tock tick tock…

I’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

Q: I've heard at the pick-up seminar that "in Tokyo, if you're a white male, you can do what you want" Is this true?
A: No. And I recommend you to take a common-sense seminar instead.

Q: Is 74 new 24?
A: No. Just be proud of your actual age.


Q: Never meet your hero?
A: Depends. Sometimes the truth may liberate you.

Q: Is this dystopia?
A: Hope not. Go get some coffee and donuts, they’ll help you. Oh, and get me some of them too.

I knew this will happen.

Interviewees are vulnerable.
In case you didn't know.

My wish list used to be more simple. I want this and that from here and there - so it was quite easy to tick the box.

Now, almost all of them are abstract and immeasurable that I have to start from defining its achieving point.

There’s always a story after “happily ever after”

You wanna know what happened to Cinderella?

She’s now a CEO/Designer of luxury shoe brand, making beautiful 12cm+ skyhigh and torture women in the world.

Dear Santa,

Am I still on your list?

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