Whisper #223-260

Unsent messages

You were like a fortune teller. Telling everyone what’s gonna happen. 
You should’ve told me what was going on with you.

I'm your lucky blue bird. 
But the color may change like mood ring.

This is fiction.

And every fiction has non-fiction part.

This color is a souvenir from the sunset

Whenever you show up in my dream, I see the green light on your back.

When you say "Waldeinsamkeit" are you feeling lonely or pleasant?

I realized this is a lost battle.

Wasn't that obvious?

You say come, We say go

You say sugar daddy, We say silent partner

"There must be a reason to be born in this world. Have to find and pursue it as soon as possible. Unless, it’s just wasted life…"

What a freakin’ egoistic idea that was.

What influence we can give is something uncontrollable.
Some may find something useful in the conversation with me. That’s good.
Some may find some lesson from me like “I shouldn’t be like that” or “I should not wear anything like that” And that’s good.

Take any hints from me if you can
I’ll take hints from you

What a coincidence to be present in the same era

If we were born in Rapid train-less era or Internet-less era, we would never even know the existence.

Or worse, we might have been enemies holding swords...

(By the way, “Taking hints” is not stealing someone's works or use them without permission. Pat-pat.)

I hope you came out.

Even your country or parents or wife forbid you, I hope you came out.
You know what I mean. You don't have to say it aloud or wave a flag.
But I hope you admit and allow yourself to be.

Please be kind to yourself.

If I had YouTube back then and discovered New Order, I wouldn't have worshiped that Japanese band.

You were saying it jokingly, but deep down, we all know that your feelings for Scar Jo is quite real.

We don’t blame you. We would too, if we can.

Nordic minimalism is not the result of extravagant.

Nordic minimalism cannot be achieved by decorating houses with lots of Nordic stuff.

I don't care how many fish you caught in the past.
I don't care how big that was.
After 30 years, all killifish will turn into whales.

At 6:20 am, I hear "Party Hard" from the headphones of person standing next to me. Must be fighting with something. Good luck.

There are people I want to meet, I should meet, and I have to meet.

When you dance freely in your dream, that's a good sign.

Dear Mr. Compromise,

Because he has someone to wash his socks everyday
Now he needs someone else to show them off

So sad, but until you discover the fact I will remain silent.

Not sure if I'm tired or bored.

Combining pieces of non-fiction to make one fiction.

Let's turn this into steppingstone.

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