Whisper #261-304

I hear a faraway train

Who are you and where are you going to?

You have every reason to underestimate me. 
And I think you’re right about that.

When he says he has to go
He has to go

Knowing its consequences more than anyone else

What we could do is to give a big smile and pray towards his back

Sending my best respect and biggest applause 
to one of the bravest and kindest man in the world

And to his woman who allowed him to go

Despite knowing it could be one way ticket trip

Thousand of stitches, Thousand of cranes

We better understand by now
That we are sending them from both ends

Throughout the history, 
I think what we’ve really cared was not winning or achievement
But his safety

“To live is to change”

I won’t cling on to your feet and cry “don’t go”
So you won’t have to melodramatically shout “let me go”

If you replace “All By Myself” with “Let it go”, you can instantly update Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bake it till you make it

Afraid of losing something
But most of the time, we lose interest before actually losing it


Turned out, all the things I expected to see in you only exist in my imagination


Welcome to the cybernetic fever dream
Your dream boy will disappear immediately after you plug off

Surrounded by all these historical computers, I realized this was the result of someone tried to get things done faster and easier; Someone who was very bright but not so patient enough to do things in a normal way, and always looked for a shortcut.

And standing next to me was another very bright man who proclaims himself lazy, playing with a giant abacus.

Here goes history. Cheers.

Whatever you make, however you hide, what you make represents who you are

Tell me your story. Tell me your secrets. Tell me everything except one thing. And let me guess it.

Translation is not about replacing words.
We juggle, add and omit words appropriately to match with the context, tone and culture background, so that you won’t sound rude and stupid in our country.

But translation is not about correction either.
If you are actually rude and stupid, that has to remain as is.

For those of you who kindly worry about us saying “your job will soon be replaced by machine” – Thank you for caring about us, and good luck.

Just like actors lend their body to the characters, we lend our voices to authors.

Lose your name, play the role

When you said “I’m lonely” over the phone
all I could think of was, how brave you are to say that
I still don’t know what I could’ve done for you at that time
but you helped me saying “me too”

“I’m lonely” 
Thought I might fall apart by saying this. But instead, I felt relieved.

Thank you.

Loneliness is inevitable no matter what situation we’re in. But I hope you will have less lonely spring this year. 

Toc toc. C'est quoi de mot de passe?

Through the noise of refrigerator
Through the sound of someone showering
Through the sound of sudden wind outside
Through the sound of phone ringing somewhere

When she says she has to go
Try convincing her three times
and let her go

It fades away like a warm breath on a cold morning.
It doesn’t have form. It doesn’t leave any trace. 
But it will sit forever in your memory and subconscious. 
Louder than a scream. Heavier than a handwriting note.

So I’m going to whisper this to you
In a way that only you would understand…

Thank you, and fuck you Matthias.

I hear the faraway train approaching

I decided to jump on to it.
So you better be prepared too.


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