Whisper #305-346

- GAME - 

Game makes a man take things over
Game lets him lose, hard to swallow
Game puts you there where things are hollow  

Is this your first time to play? [>Y/N]

[CAUTION] If you can't maintain the sanity till the end, quit now.

Kill all these sources of bias.

[Player Alias] Occasional Disco Bowler
[Level] Novice
[Item] Star-trek complete DVD set, neatly organized in the dedicated shelf

[Player Alias] Confused Tuesday Soccer Mom
[Level] Established
[Favorite Movie] "Field of Dreams"

[Player Alias] Pinacolada Floral Beach Boy
[Level] Expert
[Bible] "Mastering the Art of French Cooking 1 & 2", inherited from his grandma

[Player Alias] Tex-Mex "I'm not that innocent" Cheerleader
[Level] Unknown
[Pet-phrase] "I always misspell Kant with c."

You started it, so I will take part in this game unwillingly.
But you must know either of us will end up crying at the dead end.

At this point, I hope I will be the one who cries.
Because I'm used to it, but you're not.

Not sure how, but in case I win, you should color white clouds with me. 
I'll be blue, so you can take pink.

Even though I might lose every game, I'll go full-out anyway.
I fall when I fall, and I just have to bounce back.

[Status] Angry Enter key is approaching from the IT room.

 > Hit Esc key repeatedly to block the nagging "you deleted our public folder again"
     Escape to the chilly server room

[SUCCESS!] Great job! You've successfully ignored the furious admin!

[Tips] Never open a server room without knocking.

Was it an instinct? [>Y/N]


[Tips] Nevertheless don't do things what your heart says no.

[Status] She dresses like a forward-thinking rebel.

Could it be my babe? [>Y/N]

[ERROR] Nein! She's voting for the Conservatives.

[WARNING] Presumption may lead to destruction.

 [Status] There are so many people in this world. So it doesn't have to be you.

     It doesn't have to be you
     It doesn't have to be you
     It doesn't have to be you
 > Why it definitely has to be you?

[Tips] If you stop being too perfect all the time, I will like you more.

Is it any wonder I reject you first?
Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool?

Do you want to continue? [>Y/N]

Self-Destructive Mode: ON 
(By turning this mode on, all other noises are muted)

[Stats] Lady-killers are by nature thing.
Someone who turns into one after 25 wears sheer arrogance.
Someone who turns into one after 35 smells like cash.

Is he a bluff? [Y/>N]

Is this a YES-NO pillow? [>Y/N]

[ERROR_RISK] The system detected the risk of unwanted virus. The program was terminated and restarted from the restored point.

Safe Mode:  ON
(Self-Destructive Mode is disabled due to the recent crash.)


[ERROR] This is played out. Time to update your telling phrase.

[Status] There's glass ceiling.

    Try other routes
    Break'em, break everything
 > Stomp on his head and climb the ladder
    Quit and blame the society

[INTERNAL ERROR] Too bad! This command is only available for beautiful women.

By now, do you realize that you don't even know my real name? [Y/N]

[Tips for Beginners] The real groupie by definition never call themselves "groupie".

[Status] Non-negotiable negotiation

 > There's no way out

Game, game, game, game, game, game, game, game, game
game, game, game, game, game, game, game, game, game

Game, what's your name?

[GREAT NEWS!!] We have an alternative game suggestion!!

What we do: Worldwide N0-limit Hide and Seek

Condition: No disguise. No personas. No fake IDs. (Otherwise you may be caught by wrong "it" and stuck for the rest of your life.)

Notes: It may take some time to be found, so don't just sit and wait.

[Status] Soooooo Ready

 Waiting for the next input...

Inspired by "Fame" by David Bowie and D. Coupland.

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