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[nokonoko journal] High-performance Bubble

I saw "high-performance bubble kit" right next to the cashier. 
Couldn't resist and trying it now from my window.
Can't take good pictures, but it IS high-performance.

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[nokonoko journal] Your Sky My Sky

A couple of months ago, I came up with an abstract visual story and I’d been trying to write it down for fun imagining “what if I want to make this into demo”.

I can see the whole story in my head so I thought it would be fairly simple, but no, it wasn’t. For some reasons, I wanted to make it quite specific and clear so that anyone who saw it can be on the same page. But the more I tried to make it clear with words, the more things get complicated. Because I realized that even if I just write “blue”, my blue and other people’s blue can be very different. (Feel free to laugh at me)

Imagery is extremely personal and elusive, but we always and somehow try to define them with words. But for example, what the words “beautiful sky” evoke me cannot be exactly same as other people’s “beautiful sky”. I bet even twins who share same family and cultural background cannot imagine exactly same sky. 

However there should be a certain level of universality at the core, otherwise there are too many things which can’t be explained…

Anyway… it got me thinking many things. I found it was good experiment and fun.

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[nokonoko journal] Saturday

It’s been a hectic and stressful week, but I managed to have fairly relaxed Saturday. Though weekday/weekend doesn’t have much meaning to me because I’m a freelance.

Sleeping bit late, reading in the bed, cook and have a big brunch, playing with my birds (Fuyu seems to come back to me!), doing some chores, check a little bit of no-rush work and going to the library. This is quite ideal day to me.

Regardless of sizes, library has been one of the most favorite places in the world. It’s organized (unlike my bookshelf) and they have books/magazine with every genre, and quiet (I don’t like bookshop which plays “trendy” music).

Today, I spent some time at children’s book section, not picture story books but something for under 11yrs old or so. (My height is almost same as theirs, so I can blend in... or at least I believe so...) Someone donated 2 big shelves with brand new books. It’s fantastic. Lots of beautiful books about world history, universe etc. And I saw a few books about SNS like “Story of Facebook” or “How to use SNS”. Oh, the kids these days…

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[nokonoko journal] Mic test, one two

I held the karaoke microphone again after 10 years. Karaoke equipment was so advanced, and took some time to figure out how to use it. I was embarrassingly bad at singing, but had fun…

I sang this. Lately I’m singing this song to my bird Fuyu (white one) which no longer play with me.. I really can’t understand. She used to sit on my hands so often but she suddenly refuse to… (sob sob)

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haunt me: geometry study

Math + Music + A bit of Magic = 

ハイスイノナサ 『地下鉄の動態』 / “Dynamics of the Subway” by haisuinonasa

"muoto" by Traction & Brainstorm (2013)


The last two works are computer program-driven art called “demo”. If you want to generate this on your computer, click each of these title and check. To know more about what “demo” is, maybe you can start from here.



A Tiny Story: コスメカウンターの思い出



小さい頃から化粧品コーナーに憧れ、10歳の時に資生堂のカウンターでリップグロスを買ってもらって以来、「大きくなった暁には、こういうお店でフルメイクをしてもらおう、、、」とずっと考えていました。そして高校を卒業して、いざ堂々とメイクができる環境になってからは、機会をみてはカウンターに通い、雑誌などで収集したメイクテクを駆使しては数々の大失敗(例:10メートル先からでも色がわかるシャドウの入れ方)を繰り返してきた私…(笑) いまだにまったく腕が上がらないところを見るに、私が好きなのは「メイク」という行為そのものではなく、化粧品のパッケージングだったり、カタログや広告で表現されるうっとり~な世界観が好きなんだと思います。(今はほとんど処分してますが、昔はカタログを保存していました、、、)



本当に街にあるコスメブランドはひと通り制覇したんじゃないかと思うほどよく行きましたが、このコスメカウンター通いの日々で学んだのが、上でも書いた「自分の顔はうまくメイクできても、他人の顔にうまくメイクできる人は少ない」ということです。「アジア人のメイクをするのは初めて!」と言われたことも何度かあり、まぁ、予想はしてたけど、西洋人の彫りの深い顔用のメイクをそのままされて特殊メイクみたいになったり、肌の色が違うのに色を合わせてくれないから顔が大炎上してたり、、あとは何かそれこそ外国の映画に出てくる、「よるべないアジアの夜の蝶」みたいな顔にされたりすることも何度か、、。そのたび、地下鉄で不思議な周りの視線を浴びながら帰ったことをよく覚えています(笑) まぁ、そういう失敗も含めて楽しんでたところもあったんですけどね、、。(西洋メイクと日本のメイクの違いはこの記事をどうぞ、いい動画を見つけました!Update 2018/09/23

お化粧をしてもらいながら、「今年の冬は寒くなりそうね」とか、そういうどうでもいい会話をしにいくのが目的なので、メイクの出来や、ついでに買った商品のことは正直どうでもよかったんです。1回使っただけで放置される化粧品の数々に虚しさを感じなくはありませんでしたが、、、これらは実家の母に送って使ってもらいました!笑 (だからその時期の母はモードメイクだった)

メイク好きの方には笑われてしまうかもしれないけど、、えい、公開!最近の私のメイクボックスはこんな感じです。けっこう年季が入ってるものもある、、。高いものは良い、というのは、化粧品の世界では「ごもっとも」な気もしますが、それでは私のお財布が全くもたないので、(メイクのプロや、メイクに人生をかけてる方のブログを参考にさせてもらいながら)時々はぜいたくしつつ、普段は身の丈にあったものを使っています!CANMAKE最高!ありがとう!笑 そして、名前がチャラくて敬遠してた「もてますカラ」ですが、使ってみたら本当にまつげが伸びたので、最近私の中のスタメン入りを果たしております。笑 現在2本目。

ちなみにNARSのBlushといえば、世界でいちばん売れているというあの#4013 Orgasmが有名ですが、日本人の肌色ではもっと普段使いできる色(ラメも色も控えめ)ということで、#4016 Deep Throatを勧められました。もちがいいので、一度買うと長く使えるものだと思います。(すごいネーミングですが、日本では型番、海外では色名で指定するみたいです。頼む時がいつも笑える、、他の人が頼んでるのを聞いても笑える、、笑)



ちなみに、、私が今ひそかに憧れているのは、Tom Ford Beautyのアイシャドウ。開運シャドウという噂を聞いて、さらに試してみたい欲がむくむく、、。でも私は美人でもなければメイク映えする顔でもないので、あのカウンターに出向いたら「貴様、何しに来た!!」と言われそうで行く勇気がまだない、、、笑


[nokonoko journal] gene

Surprised, and thought Rei-san was back...

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[nokonoko journal] demoscene

The interview with demosceners has reached its 10th time. Looking at the list of people who have answered my questions, I feel great appreciation for them and have a bit of “this gotta be kidding” feeling too. After all, these are people who I respect and I’ve been seeing their work for some time… so it may be normal for me to feel “surreal”…

Each time I sent questions, I got nervous and worried if I might have said something offensive or miss the point stuff because I’m not knowledgeable about programming or technology in general. And each time I received their answers, I’ve been overjoyed (total fan reaction) and amazed at their generosity and openness. My blog is just a tiny personal thing and nothing influential, so they could’ve just said no and I wouldn’t blame them…but well, I must say that I've been really lucky.

I can’t code, I can’t make music, I can’t draw anything properly. So I never imagined that I could do something other than being “silent +1 viewer”. But now, I am happy and also feeling proud to build some kind of relations with this “away” culture or field, by using what I’m a bit good at it.

“Away” field, I said… I was a literature major student, and naturally people around me were/are like-minded. Though I had casual interests in robots or gadgets, I’ve always consider science, math, computers or anything related to them have nothing to do with my life. (Mostly because I’m not good at it.) And until I started to work in IT company, I didn’t have any friends who was seriously into science or computers. In fact, I was quite afraid of them because I had no idea what they’re thinking. So, that’s why “Away” field to me.

Frankly speaking, reactions from the people around me have been not so positive. Most of them give me a bitter smile and tell me things like “that’s fine, but you should use your time and skill in more productive way” or “are you into geek boys now?” Well, for this interview I’m asking what I want to know to who I want to hear from, so usually I don’t care about other people’s comments but.. sometimes, of course, I question myself why I’m doing this..  And each time I felt so I looked at the people I interviewed, thinking these guys must have been in a same situation for at least once or twice by now. And… when I do the interview, I unconsciously or consciously included some questions to seek some advices from them. Might be funny to say, but this “doubt” feeling actually helps me to understand their words more deeply.

And these bitter smile comments from people around me… to be honest, this also helped me realize the problem I’ve been having with myself and human relationships. So.. it’s okay now. 

As for editing and translating these interview, it has been really really fun. I do these things for work as well (just like most of demosceners do similar things for work) but unlike work, there is almost no restriction over the style, word count or deadlines (though I set rough schedule to myself, otherwise I may keep it).  And as a translator, having a text which I really like is… just a pure bliss (because it’s not happening all the time..) and more often than I count, it reminds me why I do this for my work..

I still don’t know why I got interested in this culture. Maybe because  I always liked computers and techno music, maybe because I like to watch music videos, maybe because it linked to my childhood memory or particular emotion, maybe because I can empathize their sensitivity and alienation, maybe because the first scener I saw was cool, maybe because a few computer science students I met in my school days were exceedingly obnoxious that I’ve been refusing to relate them with anything creative or word “nice” but this thing slaps my face and made me realized how narrow minded I was, or maybe simply because there are cool demos. Or maybe all of them. I don’t know.  And I don’t think I need to know.

Discovering the demoscene was a complete accident to me. But so far, it has been a sequence of happy accidents. I thought there’s no similarity between us, but after doing 10 interviews and plus, though I only know them as a demoscener, I started to believe that we speak the same language.

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"Coding Style" - 90s Japanese Demoscene Book

先日Twitterで、90年代に日本で出版されたデモシーンの本のことを教えていただきました。(赤帯さん、ありがとうございます!ちなみに、赤帯さんのウェブサイトでは、チップチューンやデモシーンに関連する批評や資料がたくさん公開されていますよ!) せっかく紹介してもらったし、おそらくご興味をお持ちの方もいらっしゃると思うので、ちょっとだけご紹介させていただきます!

The other day via Twitter, Akaobi-san told me about a Japanese demoscene book published in 90s. (Thank you! btw on Akaobi-san’s website, you can check his strong and detailed critics and data around chiptunes and demoscene.) I guess there may be some people out there who’s interested in this type of thing, so I’ll reveal a bit about what’s inside… :)

The cover. Fluoro-green x Purple. Very 90s. Very Cyber.

From its Index page: Check out the group names. “A coder’s way of life” presents the typical lifestyle of democoders and I think the right side picture sums up that description (drinking coke, sitting in front of the PC all day…) 

Coding Style』(光琳社出版)というタイトルですが、デモのコードに関する記述はほとんどなく、「デモシーンとは何なのか」という説明や、The Party 1997(デンマークで開催されていた大規模なデモパーティー)に参加した際のレポート、参加グループのアンケート、デモシーンの関係者へのインタビューで構成されています。デモシーンに詳しくない方でも、90年代のサブカル本として楽しめるのではないでしょうか。(まぁ、老若男女誰でも楽しめる内容とはいえないけど、、笑)

The title of this book is “Coding Style” but it has nothing to do with code itself. It’s more like a subculture magazine type of book, featuring articles around “what is demoscene?”, party report of The Party 1997, little Q&A with participants (group) of that party, some interview with demoscene-related people. Though it’s definitely not for everyone :D, I think it’s fun and easy-to-read book... there's lot of pictures.

Some group/people were featured like teen idols… :D Group questionnaire includes “How long do you usually sit in front of the PC?” Fudge answered “0-18h” 



This book was published in 1998, and it naturally reflects the scene situation back then; it was when Northern Europe scene was demonstrating its overwhelming presence, it was when people check the participants with thick list (really?), it was when Dune/Orange was known as a coder (Really? Thought he has been a musician all the time…) and it was when internet connection was still quite precious. The book’s candid party report includes the candid comments from participants and very candid portrayal of thousands of teenage boys collecting uh… indecent images all day long :D (I'm not gonna translate this. “Thank god we now have internet at home” is all I can say) Well, it's now all history, it’s all fun.

Not sure how this was perceived in Japan back then, but it’s nice to know that there was a book like this… I enjoyed it :)

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