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[nokonoko journal] Saturday

It’s been a hectic and stressful week, but I managed to have fairly relaxed Saturday. Though weekday/weekend doesn’t have much meaning to me because I’m a freelance.

Sleeping bit late, reading in the bed, cook and have a big brunch, playing with my birds (Fuyu seems to come back to me!), doing some chores, check a little bit of no-rush work and going to the library. This is quite ideal day to me.

Regardless of sizes, library has been one of the most favorite places in the world. It’s organized (unlike my bookshelf) and they have books/magazine with every genre, and quiet (I don’t like bookshop which plays “trendy” music).

Today, I spent some time at children’s book section, not picture story books but something for under 11yrs old or so. (My height is almost same as theirs, so I can blend in... or at least I believe so...) Someone donated 2 big shelves with brand new books. It’s fantastic. Lots of beautiful books about world history, universe etc. And I saw a few books about SNS like “Story of Facebook” or “How to use SNS”. Oh, the kids these days…

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