[nokonoko journal] Your Sky My Sky

A couple of months ago, I came up with an abstract visual story and I’d been trying to write it down for fun imagining “what if I want to make this into demo”.

I can see the whole story in my head so I thought it would be fairly simple, but no, it wasn’t. For some reasons, I wanted to make it quite specific and clear so that anyone who saw it can be on the same page. But the more I tried to make it clear with words, the more things get complicated. Because I realized that even if I just write “blue”, my blue and other people’s blue can be very different. (Feel free to laugh at me)

Imagery is extremely personal and elusive, but we always and somehow try to define them with words. But for example, what the words “beautiful sky” evoke me cannot be exactly same as other people’s “beautiful sky”. I bet even twins who share same family and cultural background cannot imagine exactly same sky. 

However there should be a certain level of universality at the core, otherwise there are too many things which can’t be explained…

Anyway… it got me thinking many things. I found it was good experiment and fun.

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