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ページ上部のメニューバー(モバイルでご覧の場合はメニューボタン)に、インタビューとレポート記事をまとめた「 Interviews/Reports 」のボタンを追加しました!まったく飾る気力のないレイアウト具合に自分でも驚きますが、ショートカットに、お時間あるときに、ぜひご覧くだ...


nokonoko is now in 6octaves

After trying for a year, I consolidated my other blog “nokonoko journal” into this one. It’s a bit too much hassle to have 2 blogs :D

You can check the posts from “nokonoko journal” label

It was supposed to be more personal and day-to-day stuff, but it turned out.. seriously whatever (which I'm quite good at it :D)

Thanks for reading nokonoko journal, and hope you'll keep reading it here :)

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