Whisper #348-416

the frontier

It’s right in front of you.

If you can’t forget, you don’t have to forget.

(Will you be my friend?)

A long time ago, someone stroke a match and lighted off one big firework saying “let’s have fun” and the universe was born.

He’s the party master and it’s our mission to enjoy this. We're all invited.

Woot Woot

Definition should come later.

I always wanted to tell you. If you see the world only in black and white, we can’t fit in. 

this dependency
this tendency
this expectancy

I cannot imagine how it’s like to cross the border by train or bus. I was born in a country surrounded by sea, always need to take a plane to go outside.

Big Ben has been the symbol of my “foreign country” imagery. When I first saw it, I screamed and the taxi driver jumped up.

We cannot be friends just because we both came from the same place or share first-language.

I thought “growing up” is getting closer to perfection so that I could handle almost everything nicely by myself. But the reality is contrary to that. I realize more and more things that I can’t do by myself.

Oh well, that's me, I give up. 

Go on.

No matter how much I love and enjoy the time with you, I need to close the door and be myself for a while. I need to be alone to keep balance and to be me. You don't wanna see me behind that door.

My highschool teacher visited schools in America, and one of their students passed the letter to him saying “please give this letter to someone who can be my penpal” And he passed it to me.

We exchanged mix tapes.

Becky liked country music.

I don’t want to ruin our snail mail relationship with one “Add Friends” button.

I am so glad to know the pre-internet age. Even I made quite a lot of friends thanks to internet.

Say hi me back. Talk me back. Ask me back.
I want to be your friend.

I loved seeing your smiling face behind that salad bar. How beautiful woman you were.
I think it’s not only because of the fresh salad in front of you.

Girls are simply beautiful. What I mean “beautiful” is not “professionally beautiful” to be on the cover of the magazine, but they are beautiful in its own way. Different colors of eyes, skin and hair, and different figures. Uniqueness. Smiles. How they move. Strength inside. Each of them are beautiful like flowers.

Watching these girls from all over the world, I felt like watching a radiant flower garden.

And boys. Boys are hopelessly romantic creatures, with a joystick built-in.

I love them both. I love that we are different. It’s not a competition. We are just different.

It’s no longer an instinct, it’s a conviction.

It’s no longer a dream, it’s a plan.

At the moment you lowered your eyes, I saw the crack on your “la vie en rose”

Will you always be in my life? As a friend, as an acquaintance it doesn’t matter. 
But possibly in amicable way. 
I want you to be in my life all the time, I want you to see how I walk in this life. I want you to witness that I live in this world.

And I want to be a witness of your life.

Is this Love or Dependence?

Is this Innocence or Cruelty?

Strong desire of domination. They just wrap this in a sugary word like “love” or “justice”.

He told us how horrible his life was back there, as if he justifies his move to the new country. But I sensed the deep sorrow under his rage. I sensed how much he misses them.

You miss them. You really miss them. Of course you do.

It is our right to pursue freedom, happiness and better life. But we also have a right and freedom to love where we’re from, our own country. No matter how rotten, corrupted or changed dramatically they are.

That scenery, that wind, that street, that sea, that sky, that laughter. How could we hate that, no matter where we go, no matter how happy we are right now in different place.

You don’t have to hate.

            Ending of this chapter is nearing.
            End it without hesitations.


I look back and miss sometimes. That city, that place.
Though I know it’s not the same if I go back now.

That shop with nice old man is gone.
That new café on the corner is no longer “new”.
That yellow scarf I always wanted to check the price is sold.
No one sings that song on the street anymore.
The restaurant I tried to copy the dish is closed down.
He no longer smiles at me and opens his arms when he sees me.
All the piled up old books must be replaced with different old books.
People I could see anytime are no longer sitting on that chairs.

What I miss and dearly cherish is  not the certain place that exists. It's all dwelling only in my mind. Compilation of somewhere at some point that I can never go back.

I won’t compare now with these moments because I’m now old enough to know this is very unrealistic. But I’m very glad to have these moments stay in me.

When I look back, I’ll smile at you guys. So please, don't hold me back. 
Just smile me back and say "keep going"

Even if I could I wouldn't change anything, because that's what made possible to see you right here.

I am happy now. Not because I live somewhere or I have something or someone to make me happy.

(Oh that was so elementary.)

And the story goes on.

If I had a teleporter for a day…

I would get a good morning coffee and baguette in Paris then have chat on top of the table mountain with my friend. Then I would visit the beautiful library in Ireland, and watch the rain falls in Vietnam.

Then I would have lunch with my girlfriends in Hong Kong and walk along the Thames and get a nice cuppa. But I would quickly drop by Germany to get some cakes and cookies. And then I would enjoy them near the lake in Finland and make surprise visit to my friend in Denmark and Norway.

Then I do a shopping for dinner in Tokyo and Niigata, but quickly jump to Crete and watch the sunset. And I’ll invite everyone I love on that secret rooftop in Montreal. Hm, maybe that’s way too small, need bigger place. (dinner place TBD)

Anyway, after that I would watch beautiful ballet in Moscow, then ride on the river boat in Budapest to watch that night view. Then I jump to karaoke dive bar in Vegas to get rid of the sentiment, and move to New Zealand to watch the starry sky to get my sentiment back. And finally I go back to my own bed in Japan.

Oh, I can’t meet all my friends and cover every place I wanna go with this plan!

Can I borrow this for a week?

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