[Good evening Tuesday] Autumn playlist

Here we are in October, autumn is definitely started. I love this October to December season the most, it's chilly but not too cold and the nights are getting longer, birds are getting fluffier, stars are getting brighter (looks like it).

One of the things I like to do when we enter Autumn-Winter is to make new music playlist. Something slower and mellower. Now that I started to use streaming service, the selection process will be tougher than before, because they have vast playlists and collections.. maybe I don't even need to make my own playlist anymore...

Call me old-fashioned but I've been very skeptical about these type of services, but most of them offer free-trial so why not, I finally gave it a shot some weeks ago. And so far I've been enjoying it, it's a great way to discover new music/artists (I'm using Apple Music). And if you do some ballet stretching at home, there are various ballet class albums so you can switch it every day, that's cool.

If you have any recommendations for autumn night music/playlist, let me know.

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