[Good evening Tuesday] Full Moon

Today is full moon.

Not sure how popular in other countries, but using the "lunar power" is getting quite common in Japanese... or let's say among Japanese ladies.

Even you're not so accustomed to those female-magazine type of things, you should have heard some effects that the moon gives to human (like birthrate increases on full/new moon, or someone turns into wolf on full moon...).

Full moon is... "full", basically it signifies "culmination" or "completion". And I heard it's a good time to start using new wallet or clean your wallet (because it 'fills") and doing emotional/physical cleaning, because now it reached the peak, and you release whatever no longer necessary.

And new moon is "new" (duh). It's a starting point and I heard it's the best timing to start something new (like start going to gym) and make wishes. (I do make a wish on new moon day.. but, that's for later)

Whether you believe these effects or not, new moon and full moon comes regularly. And I use this cycle to make my routine. It's quite handy, because it's printed on most of the calendar. So... I'm going to dive and tackle clutters in my room and my mind tonight. By reading this, I hope you're convinced enough to remove those receipts from your wallets :)

Have a nice full moon day.

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