[Good evening Tuesday] It hurts

I couldn't do a forward upward circling.

In PE class at my elementary school, one of the teachers often finished the class saying "you can go back to the room once you make it" and I was always the last one to leave the field. Not because I could make it finally, but because the teacher needed to go back.

I was SO bad at it, and after several times the teacher changed the rule to "you can play with other equipments once you make a back-hip circle" so that there would be plenty of time for try. However it turned out that this rule is much more cruel than before, I needed to try again and again with a sideways glance at other kids happily playing swings or jungle gym. The teacher mocked at me, kids mocked at me, I hated it, I hated the teacher, I hated the other kids, I hated the school, I hated the world, I hated myself not able to do this damn thing. 

But I gotta do something with this damn thing, otherwise this living hell continued.. so I decided to go back to school after everyone's going home, and asked my ma to be my coach and practiced and practiced. And yeah, once I made it I got the knack for it and I could just keep doing it. Oh that sensation of accomplishment...! utterly indescribable. I couldn't stop smirking by imagining myself doing a perfect back-hip circle and climb onto the jungle jim... mwahahahaha....

However the long-awaited next PE class went differently. When the teacher found out that I could do it, he said "Everyone, try just one back-hip circle and we'll play soccer afterward" And I was really not good at soccer.... Haa.... (but this time I just gave up. I just needed to avoid a ball, that's all)

...All of this, I suddenly remembered while I was taking a bath. And yesterday, I went to the park just to see if I can still do it. I was around 95% sure that I could still do it, but actually I was worse than before and I barely do a normal circling. I had no idea where to put my legs and everything and I just tried like 5 times and my arms were already aching..

Waking up this morning, I'm sore all over. And now it hurts. It hurts so much that I even have trouble lifting my chopsticks. This clearly tells me that my youth is gone and I'm still a loser. But now I can laugh about myself, and I have Internet.


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