[Good evening Tuesday] 25cm less

Stores in my area are already Christmas-ready..

Lately I had my hair cut. Not much reason for it, but I wanted to make it lighter. I’ve had long hair for around 10 years, and the hairdresser who’s been dealing with my hair for those years looked really excited when she saw the cutout I passed to her.

She pulled my hair back into a ponytail and held it in one hand, looking at me seriously in the mirror and asked “Are you ready?” (Because there are some girls who have problem cutting their hair short, she told me) I said “Yes! Do it!” and she chop them in one shot.

Now I had about 20-30cm less than before, and I’m still not used to see my new haircut. Each time I saw myself in the mirror or the window outside, I’m surprised at how I look now. It’s quite fun, like Halloween everyday… 

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