[Good evening Tuesday] Make a Wish on the New Moon

The other day I wrote about the Full Moon rituals. And I’d like to write about my New Moon rituals before I completely forget.

If the Full Moon is “full” and good time to clean and start using new wallet, New Moon is “new” and great time to start new habit and make a wish… well, so I heard… I don’t know the deep spiritual meaning here, but if the knowledgeable people say that after the research, then why not… They’re not trying to sell anything (if so that’s bogus) and there’s nothing to lose on our end… :)

So on the new moon day, I make a wish. To be exact, this is not my new moon rituals but something I do regularly; I jot down my wishes, hopes or dreams on the paper.

Nowadays writing dreams/hopes are often encouraged in terms of “law of attraction” (or, i.e. the book called “The Secret”) but I started it about 10 years ago out of necessity. There was a very tough time in my life which I felt really lonely and desperate, and needed to have some reasons to wake up in the morning. And I started to write down what I want randomly. I want that, I want to do this and that… It didn’t matter if the wish was small or big or unrealistic… I just wanted to make sure that I still have energy in me to have some hopes for the future.

Over the course of a decade, naturally there have been many changes in my dream and my attitude. For the first several years, I was living in a material world but I get to wish something unmeasurable (which is tough to know when to tick the box). And some hopes and dreams were replaced with other things. Like, my “Date with George Clooney” dream had to be updated because I don’t date with married man. ...Sorry George. :D

The effect of doing this? I don’t know if the law of attraction was activated but quite a lot of boxes have been ticked. Through the listing process, you are going to recognize that you have certain wish or dreams or hope, and I think this recognition would work like setting a target, and you know where to aim. Well, one thing for sure is that it definitely lifted me up from the bottom.

And this year, I updated my dream lists by adding “thank you” column. Somehow I felt I also need to take a note of what I already have or received, not just listing up what I don’t have. And this process brutally made me realize how lucky and happy I’ve been and I am. (e.g. Living in a country where I can drink tap water… I took that for granted, but when I think about it… :)

It doesn’t matter how you do it, but if you feel like trying this, I’d like to give you some advice… (these are something I want to tell to myself who just started doing this)

1. First and foremost, be honest to yourself. Don’t hold back. Write what you really want.

2. If you can be specific, it’s better. Especially if it’s a big dream. Break down what you want from its achievement.

3. And most importantly, Do not forget that the things you’re going to list are “PLUS” to your life. These are not “lack” or missing things in your life. (If you start looking at the list and think “I’ll be happy when I get this, so I have to have this” then you’re screwed and you have to stop listing) Consider at this very moment you’re on the origin (zero point), not plus or minus, because your life is running anyway and that means you already have what you need to have it running.

I hope this post will help someone out there, even a little... and that's one of my wishes.  :)

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