[Good evening Tuesday] Name

The other day I was flipping through some books at the old bookshop, and I found my name on one of the books. Well, obviously it was for someone who has the same name, but I couldn’t let it go and took that without flipping it any further, thinking there must be some information that I should read… (It was about German way of organizing… and boy it’s very structured and practical :) )

Speaking of name, a while ago I received some emails which got nothing to do with me. It wasn’t one of those annoying DMs, and I was wondering if anyone made mistake entering email address. Then later, I got an email saying “test” from someone who seemed to be THAT person. I wrote a message to that address, telling I got some DM and there might have been some mistakes.

Then a few days later I got a message from the person who got same name as me (we have different kanji name, but same sound on alphabet). She told me that she fixed the error, and briefly explained what she does in her life. I wrote her back, briefly explained what I do in my life. (I was kind of hoping that we can be friends, but well…;) I wish her the best in her life, as someone who shares the same name... Good luck Setsuko :)

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