[Good evening Tuesday] Unverbalizable emotion, or rather, do not verbalize it

I don’t remember which movie that was, but there was a scene where a female character is running around the town to get her favorite flavor of icecream. Was it chocolate chip or coffee, I don’t remember. But she had a tough day and she desperately needed it. She rushed from store to store but no luck, and she started to cry like a mad woman in the store screaming why there isn’t.

It was about icecream, but it wasn’t about icecream. I still think this scene is the most accurate portrayal of that feeling.


[Good evening Friday] July, Summer Sky, Lemonade, Books, SPF50

July is here, it’s summer. Or at least early summer is here.

I start listening to the music which gives me the summer mood; something which makes me imagine the breezy driving along the blue sea… because this won’t happen in my real life.  I don’t like heat and there’s no blue sea nearby. I don’t even remember the last time I saw the real sea (the one from the airplane counts? or that’s more like sky)

Weather forecast says we’re gonna have nearly 35c days from this weekend. So I guess it’s time to start my summer rituals: Stay in and avoid sun and heat. Actually it’s a great season to read and watch movies…

The Sea and Cake is something I enjoy listening during warm weather... and this video is just. So summerly. Something I won't/didn't do but enjoy imagining what the real summer is like... :)

Have a great summer!


[Good evening Tuesday] Guilty pleasures

Q: I love my birds. Fuyu (white buncho, girl) and Goma (gray sakura buncho, boy). I do think they are the cutest birds in this world, and I do bring their photos when I travel for a while. But I see other buncho birds shared on the web and can’t stop aww-ing. Does this consider to be cheating?


[Good evening Wednesday] singularity

I saw a short Japanese reportage about AI called AlphaGo (Google DeepMind) the other day: How it works, difference from the previous AI model, and how the games with a human top player went. It was impressive, but it scares me, as it should.

modern age pillow talk


[Good evening Wednesday] Visual or Aural

Back in my university days, I took a test to figure out whether I rely more on visual or aural information. I forgot the exact ratio, but I found out that I had a strong tendency to capture information from audio rather than visuals.

This test was part of teaching methodology class, and it was about to give effective teaching materials by understanding student’s cognitive tendency. If the student’s visual, it’s more effective to use pictures. And if they’re aural, it’s better to use listening CD. And if they’re balanced? …I forgot, but probably video would be effective (because they can get both equally… right?)

Obviously this test was simplified version since they don’t include other tendency like verbal or kinetic but to know whether you’re visual, aural or balanced, it’ll help you when you learn something. I couldn’t find this test anywhere, but I guess it’s not that hard to know your type when you pay attention to your behavior or thinking process. When you recall something do you see image or words in your mind? or hear something?

I give you an example. There was an old workmate of mine who’s trying to learn Japanese. He said he had been listening Japanese conversation CD but it really didn’t work. After having meetings with Japanese people, he often said “I’m probably not blessed with language skills…”

However, when we were walking outside, he frequently pointed out the store sign with Japanese kanji characters and checked if he understood its meaning correctly. It was very accurate that I had to ask why he knew much. And he revealed that he enjoyed looking at the Kanji picturebook which he originally bought for his kid... And... you know what I’m trying to say.

To me, it was clear that he was visual. He was capable of reading and handling complex charts easily and explain things by drawing. And he paints well too.

We say “I know myself very well” In a way, yes. But in a way, no, not really.

So… which type are you?

Now listening: "Pipoca" 
(Hermeto Pascoal must be extremely or fully aural... :D )


[Good evening Wednesday] Time will tell

There's a topic I wanted to write for this week's Good Evening, but as I write on, it doesn't seem to go anywhere. So I gave up for now.

"In Your" mabanua


[Good evening Wednesday] Rock

The other day I was invited to a party where the dress code was “Rock”. And this got me puzzled for a while.


Should I paint stars or attach sideburns on my face…? …no, that’s more like a cosplay than dress-up. And most of my favorite rock bands are hardcore normcore, so I can’t use them as a reference. After all it’s a party, so need to be a tad more formal…



[Good evening Wednesday] switchback

When my train of thought starts to go backwards, I lately learnt to say this to stop this train.

“Wow, I’m so bored”


Whisper #417-424


Was that a violet you gave me?


No one wants to be categorized as “one of them”
that's what you mean, I understand
because I feel the same

But you just did that to me

I wanted to be heard, too.
Just like you wanted.

So hear me, this is what I wanted to say:

Right now, nothing makes me more insecure than James Bay's skinny jeans.

this isn't a coincidence, is it?
i'm asking you here.

Say it in whisper, not on twitter.


Tokyo Demo Fest 2016

Last weekend, I visited Tokyo Demo Fest 2016. Here are some photos from the events!

先週末の20日、21日は、東京・秋葉原近くで開催された「Tokyo Demo Fest 2016」に参加してきました。そんなわけで、会場で撮ってきた写真をちょこっとだけご紹介します!

TDF marked its 6th time! and this year it was held at the new place called “3331 Arts Chiyoda” close to Akihabara. The building used to be an junior high school, and it has nice café and stores on the first floor, and the second floor was art gallery. (Each classroom was turned into a space for one artists… what a smart way to use classrooms!) Many events were going on at the same time as TDF, so there were a lot of people!

Tokyo Demo FestTDF)は、今年で6回目の開催!今年は前回までと異なり、秋葉原近くの「3331 Arts Chiyoda」という会場で行われました。この会場、もとは区立の中学校だったそうで、1階には素敵なお店やカフェスペースがあり、2階はアートギャラリーになっていました。(アーティストごとに1つの教室を使って展示をやっているのが、とてもスマートだなぁ!と思いました。ちょっと文化祭チックでもあるし!) この週末はTDF以外にもいろんなイベントが行われていたので、会場はたくさんの人であふれていました。


[Good evening Tuesday] Too close

Sometimes the problem lies in somewhere too close. Too close that we don’t even doubt that is the source of the problem.

Something wrong, I changed the pages, paper, notebooks, how I write, but never doubt that the pen I’ve been using for long time was broken. Something like that.

These things happen to me quite often these days. I don’t know why.


Interview with Demoscener – Cryptic (Approximate)

Welcome to the Interview with Demosceners.
This time, we welcome Cryptic, a coder of Swedish demogroup Approximate!

In this interview, Cryptic reveals how their latest work was born, why he likes to make 64k demo and how to tackle the stress before deadline… and so much more!

Happy reading! :)


今回は、大作『Gaia Machina』でも知られるスウェーデンのデモグループApproximate(アプロクシメイト)のコーダー、Cryptic(クリプティック)さんをゲストにお迎えしました。




New "Interview with demoscener" is coming soon...

Hopefully coming soon...

私はひそかにこの作品を「明子」と呼んでいる、、、(笑) だってほらこのシーン、、

[Good evening Tuesday] 33/45

I found my old record player in the closet. I really liked records, or what kids call “vinyl” these days? But they are quite heavy and require some space and care for stacking, and changing the needles is something I hate to do (same goes to sawing machine) so I gave up on them when I gave up my career path to be a pro DJ… (kidding :)

But I like the record noise, especially ones before song starts. And occasionally that jumpy sound. Or when you accidentally set wrong speed and put it back? 
I wish iTunes release “record noise” effect with noise level adjuster...

Now Listening… Sylvia “Sho Nuff Boogie”  (zo cuuute)


Happy New Year 2016

A Happy New Year

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