Interview with Demoscener – Cryptic (Approximate)

Welcome to the Interview with Demosceners.
This time, we welcome Cryptic, a coder of Swedish demogroup Approximate!

In this interview, Cryptic reveals how their latest work was born, why he likes to make 64k demo and how to tackle the stress before deadline… and so much more!

Happy reading! :)


今回は、大作『Gaia Machina』でも知られるスウェーデンのデモグループApproximate(アプロクシメイト)のコーダー、Cryptic(クリプティック)さんをゲストにお迎えしました。




New "Interview with demoscener" is coming soon...

Hopefully coming soon...

私はひそかにこの作品を「明子」と呼んでいる、、、(笑) だってほらこのシーン、、

[Good evening Tuesday] 33/45

I found my old record player in the closet. I really liked records, or what kids call “vinyl” these days? But they are quite heavy and require some space and care for stacking, and changing the needles is something I hate to do (same goes to sawing machine) so I gave up on them when I gave up my career path to be a pro DJ… (kidding :)

But I like the record noise, especially ones before song starts. And occasionally that jumpy sound. Or when you accidentally set wrong speed and put it back? 
I wish iTunes release “record noise” effect with noise level adjuster...

Now Listening… Sylvia “Sho Nuff Boogie”  (zo cuuute)


Happy New Year 2016

A Happy New Year

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