[Good evening Wednesday] My Tokyo

I used to live in Tokyo back in my school days. I remember I was excited to see the carpet of lights from my very very small apartment room. Now I live in Gunma, about an hour away from Tokyo by bullet train, and Tokyo for me now is a place to work and play, and I like that.

Since Tokyo Demo Fest and cherry blossom season is coming up, I’d like to share one of my current favorite spots in Tokyo: LOFT & MUJI” in Yurakucho. (Sadly they moved to different area...) Nothing really unique, because both LOFT and MUJI can be found relatively everywhere in Japan. But this one is big and 2 stores combined, it got wide selection of good stationery and whatever. I know I should list Tokyu Hands in Shibuya for those of who love these types of things, but I prefer this place because it’s on one floor… And also for location-wise, it’s a perfect place to walk around and kill time. 

Fore more practical guide, I recommend Japan Guide website.

Oh, and one more thing. If you see the store called “Mister Donut” (again, this is nothing special or unique, it’s everywhere) while you’re visiting Japan, try their donuts... comforting... mmm…

(Updated on 2019.1.24)

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