[Good evening Tuesday] Games

I occasionally feed the cats in Neko Atsume, but I’m really not a game player. However there are few games that I enjoyed playing or watching lately, and I want to write a bit about that tonight…

One is called “Her Story”. It’s almost a year ago, Andrew who always provides interesting information around games (and more) were tweeting about this game, and his description of this game (I couldn’t find that tweet but it was like “you need a notebook to play this game”) got me interested.
Unlike the games I know, this game doesn’t involve any fighting or “level-up” action. You just hear “her story” on recorded video and pick up the keyword and connect the dots. I thought the actress was darn good and it gave away the story quite instantly :D, but I really enjoyed how it played out.

Another one is “The Longest Journey”. Several months ago, Gargaj, a demoscener and avid game player told me about this game, and when I found out that the main character of this game is a girl who keeps journal and that there’s a talking bird involved, I decided to check out its playthrough video. I watched it, and kept watching its sequels and started playing by myself. It’s seriously a long story, and it’s more like an audiobook of witty conversation than games to me and I love that. I can’t wait to see their final chapter coming out. 

Well, I guess both are quite passive comparing with action-packed ones, but you know, if you are someone who doesn’t know and play games much like me, you may find them surprising and interesting. 

(Thanks Andrew and Gargaj)

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