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[Good evening Wednesday] Time will tell

There's a topic I wanted to write for this week's Good Evening, but as I write on, it doesn't seem to go anywhere. So I gave up for now.

"In Your" mabanua


[Good evening Wednesday] Who were you?

The other day I visited a small shrine in the mountain to catch the last cherry blossom in my area. It was beautiful and I enjoyed the quiet time and negative ion there, but everything changed when I spotted a big black animal.

Luckily there's some distance between us, and the cryptid ran away. Though I first thought it was a black horse, I immediately changed my mind and consider it was a bear... after that... you can imagine how scary it was for me to walk back to the car.

But after getting back to home, I started to think it was a reindeer...

I don't know. But now I know it’s true that the memory deceives me.


[Good evening Wednesday] Rock

The other day I was invited to a party where the dress code was “Rock”. And this got me puzzled for a while.


Should I paint stars or attach sideburns on my face…? …no, that’s more like a cosplay than dress-up. And most of my favorite rock bands are hardcore normcore, so I can’t use them as a reference. After all it’s a party, so need to be a tad more formal…


Black would be a safe bet… and leather pants and lock bling…? …no, that sounds more like a punk, and to wear them after 20s, there’s a risk to be seen as fetish clothes if they’re untrained… uh-uh, definitely not for me.

But before anything else, what is “rock”...?

It seems like there’s a certain or fluid definition in terms of music genre, but for clothes or fashion, there’s no particular rules or uniform to manifest “rock”. Leather, studs, chain, long hair, Flying V, gargling with vodka. These things remind us (or me) “rock ‘n’ roll” or “rock musician” but they are not mandatory items to be one.

Personally I think “Rock” is an attitude. An attitude of someone who has built his/her steadfast belief and act up to it. Fight and resist if needed. And if I see “Rock” from that point of view, I can quite easily name few people for the model. And among them, who reflect those attitude in what she/he wear…? Mr. Quentin Crisp came up my mind first (famously, he is The "Englishman" sung in Sting’s “Englishman in New York”).

So I opened my closet, and went through my clothes imagining what Mr. Crisp would say if I wear this… and… my inner channeled Quentin voice said  “Without having a style, anything you wear is just a piece of cloth, dear” 

 ..........Right. So I gave up and decided to go with a simple dress. How boring”, Quentin would say. I know. But I have no clue. And I don’t feel comfortable doing this… What a party pooper… I always am… and maybe that’s my style… (this was my comeback/excuse to my inner Quentin) ...but at least I sort of consulted one of my rock icons... 

Being at the party with observer mode, I saw most of the guests there were wandering somewhere between standard semi-formal clothes to “rock” evoking attires. Except few people who were clearly enjoying the dress-up, I guess everyone had tough time figuring out what to wear.

But to sum up, by judging from the outfits of hosts, this is what I’d wear if I became a rock musician and be on stage” was the appropriate interpretation of this event’s dress code… 


Then what if I…? 

Don’t know… but probably a gal band.. wearing dress...?

“He’s not A Boy” The Like



haunt me: B to the E to the A to the T

GoGo Penguin - One Percent (Live)

GoGo Penguin - Weird Cat (Live)

OMG U GUYS... (my fists in the air)

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